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Time Line of Historical Events in and around Millburn

Please note that this is a work in progress

1818, December 3
Illinois becomes a state

Saw mill is built by Jacob Miller about two miles east of future Millburn
Jacob Miller adds a grist mill to his operation.
Money panic causes New England families to look westward to the frontier.
Strang brothers stake a claim to land
1839, March 1
Lake County is created by separation from McHenry County.

about 1840 (some say September, 1841)
Rev. Flavel Bascom organizes a church in Millburn. Log cabin is used both as a school and a church.
December, 1841
Andrew Sleuman buys land from the federal government that will become the village.
Rev. William Bradford Dodge comes to Millburn
Frame and sided houses begin to replace the log cabins in Millburn area
1846, February 18
Rev. Dodge becomes leader of Lake County Liberty Association, anti-slavery society.
1847, June 1
New church building dedicated
1848, January 24
Robert Strang becomes Postmaster of first Millburn Post Office
Lake County is divided into townships, replacing the former precincts. Millburn is at junction of four: Antioch, Newport, Warren, and Avon. [Read historical account written in 1852]

Census shows Lake County population to be 14,226
Peter, John and George Strang go to California to pan for gold
John Strang returns, marries, and begins new home
1853, June 27
William Fullom becomes Postmaster of Millburn
1853, December 14
John Thayer becomes Postmaster of Millburn
1854, June 4
Alexander Jamieson drowns in Mill Creek
1855, March 5
Meeting held to form Millburn Mutual Insurance Company.
Robert Strang builds corner store.
1856, December 30
Samuel Smith becomes Postmaster of Millburn
Dr. Homer Leonard, Millburn's first doctor, comes to town and sets up an office.
1859, February
Millburn Agricultural Association organizes to put on fairs and promote agriculture.
1859, October
First Township Fair and Stock Show held at Millburn. Fifteen Hundred people attend.

1861, April 22
The war spirit comes to Millburn and men enlist at the meeting house. Subscriptions are raised to help the volunteer's families.
Richard Pantall builds first part of store later to become our Martin's Gen'L Store museum.
1862, Saturday, August 30
Millburn ladies feed the men of Company D, 96th Regiment, an elegant supper prior to their departure for training.
1862, September 6
Ninety-sixth Infantry mustered into service. Many men from Millburn area.
1862, December 8
John Chope, Company D, 96th Regiment, becomes the first local man to die during service in the War of the Rebellion.
1863, June 6
Millburn's farmers meet to band together and vow to honor only National currency for their produce and discourage circulation of other funds.
1864, April 20
Richard Pantall becomes Postmaster of Millburn.
Dr. David B. Taylor comes to Millburn and begins practice.
1865, February 16
Illinois Legislature charters the Millburn Mutual Insurance Company.
1865, June 30
Ninety-sixth Infantry discharged.
After a bumpy start, a new church building stands in Millburn.
Millburn cemetery is moved to current location. Over 80 remains moved.
1867, October 2
Agricultural Fair at Millburn.
Masonic Lodge locates in Millburn.

Church parsonage built

1881, November 12
Millburn Literary Association organized. Will go on to publish the Millburn Constellation.
1881, December
Plank sidewalk from town past the cemetery is finished
1882, January
Dr. H. O. Leonard begins vaccinating students at local schools against small-pox
1882, March
William Hockaday sells most of his farm to William Chope for $40 per acre. The federal government sold this same land for $1.25 per acre only forty years before.
1882, July
Street lights are installed
1882, July
Dr. Thompson, of Waukegan, opens an office in Millburn.
1882, August 19
J. H. Hughes, Millburn Undertaker, announces that he has added an "ice casket"
1882, December 18
Ten day musical institute held at Millburn.
Dr. Leonard sells out to Dr. Tombaugh
1885, January
Rabid dog kills livestock
1885, November
Millburn Street Light Society formed "to run them properly"
1885, December
Storekeeper Sammy Smith dies
1886, January
Mrs. Belva Lockwood, candidate for President of the United States, speaks at Millburn.
Wisconsin Central Railroad builds line several miles west of Millburn and depot at what will become Lake Villa.
1886, September
Lake Forest University plays Millburn home baseball team to tie score 20-20, game called after 10 innings due to darkness.
1886, December
Four Hundred tickets are sold for the Hampton Students' concert at the Church.
Edward Martin comes to Millburn to help in Pantall's Store.

1893, March
Butter factory begins operation
1896, January
Millburn Mutual Ins. Co. offers reward for arrest of arsonists
1897, May
Dr. Fahrney contracts workers to install 1,700 rods of field tile on his large farm.
Dr. Jamison starts Millburn Farmer's Line telephone company
1898, October 28 and 29
28th Annual Convention of the Lake County Sunday School Association held in Millburn. F. W. Moody, President.

1900, May
Sneak thieves steal cash from sleeping man in Millburn
1901, January 8
The large Fahrney Farm in Millburn goes out of the dairy business
1901, February 7
Farmers Institute held in Millburn
1901, May 16
Congregation locates minister that took $100,000
1901, June 1
Horse thief takes horse, buggy, and harness from Millburn stable.
1901, October
New steel bridge is built over Mill Creek at east end of town.
1901, November 6
Rev. Sheldon A. Harris is expelled from membership for his part in savings and loan scandal.
1902, June
Millburn Church celebrates sixtieth anniversary (read booklet)
1903, November
Jane Strang McAlister dies leaving a very large estate to her relatives. Before her death, Mrs. McAlister founded a hospital in Waukegan, the predecessor to Victory Memorial Hospital.
1904, February 12
Chicago alderman William Mavor dies. Is a Strang son-in-law.
1904, April 1
Tornado damages homes and barns in Millburn area
1904, April 1
Robert Strang dies. Easter services delayed one week. (obituary)
1904, May 13
Wife accidentially shoots and kills husband.
1904, June
Millburn Post Office closes, Rural Free Delivery is begun
1905, February 15
Auction at the Fahrney farm draws largest auction crowd ever in Lake County. Enraged cow attacks crowd.

Lake Villa Township created from lower sections of Antioch Township and northern sections of Avon Township.
1916, July 15
Former Millburn man, Ralph Spafford, is killed at railroad grade crossing in Antioch.
1919, September
Ida Mae Runyard begins teaching the last school year at Hockaday School.
1919, October
Millburn Consolidated School is formed.

Dodge school students of Annie McCredie hold first annual Memorial Day service at Millburn cemetery.
Route 45 paved with concrete. See what it looked like before.
Public Service Company (now ComEd) brings first electric lines to Millburn. Many homes not electrified until after 1940.
1927, January
Ed Martin's store held up at gunpoint.
1927, July 14
Thieves invade hen house and steal 100 chickens.
1928, May 16
Five men rob the Beck family near Millburn and kill William Beck, Jr., during the robbery.
1928, October
Murderers of Millburn farmer sentenced to die in electric chair. First use as sentence in Lake County.
1928, November 19
Former Millburn resident is lost at sea.

1930, June
Ken Denman becomes editor of the Illinois Association of Future Farmers of America newsletter. Bob Hughes elected vice president at same meeting.
1935, January 12
Millburn Church burns to the ground
Grubb School closes. Students will attend Oakland School to the west.
UDSA Farm Security Administration locates a Homestead Project near Millburn.
1936, January 23
Big snowstorm hits Millburn.
1937, June 6 (3?)
New brick Millburn Church dedicated
1938, September
Murder and suicide at Le Voy farm in Millburn.

1940, September 6
Millburn Church celebrates 100th Anniversary. Read newspaper coverage beginning in July.
Concrete bridge replaces steel and plank bridge over Mill Creek.

1955, January
Newly elected President of Millburn Mutual Insurance Company dies only minutes after election.
1955, March 12
100th Anniversary meeting of Millburn Mutual Insurance Company
1956, August 8
Strang's Corner Store celebrates 100th Anniversary.
Masonic Lodge torn down.
Ed Martin retires from storekeeping. Store building rented out.

North Shore Gas Company brings natural gas to Millburn homes

Bicentennial celebration.
1979, September 18
Eighteen homes placed upon National Historic Register
1979, December 6
HMCA becomes an Illinois not for profit corporation.

1981, June 3
Jake Strang home placed on Illinois Register.
Richard Martin wills the Martin General Store building to the Historic Millburn Community Association, Inc. to become a museum.

Traffic lights installed on Highway 45 in Millburn.
1992, November
Property owners in Millburn annex into Old Mill Creek.
1997, March 5
Martin's Gen'L Store goes on the World Wide Web.
Millburn Church sells the parsonage to a private owner.

2001, December 4
Martin's Gen'L Store museum building is struck by an automobile.
2002, All Year Long
Martin's Gen'L Store museum is closed for reconstruction.