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Biographical Sketch for
Richard Martin Family

  • Richard Martin had intentions of writing down the Martin family history. Unfortunately, he never sat down to do it.
  • He did correspond with a number of people and we have some of that correspondence in our files. The Martin family history was the subject of several long letters.
  • We have attempted to distill these writings into a more readable format than the style between well known correspondents. We have added information from additional sources where appropriate.
  • We are concentrating on the principal figures and are ignoring a large number of other family members in this presentation.

    The Pantall Family has been moved to a sketch of their own.

    Frederick Regina Martin--+  +--Harriet Portia
                             |  |
                             +--+--(other siblings)
                             |  |
    Mary Ferry---------------+  +--Edward Alfred--+
                                                  |      Pantall
    George Henry Kennedy-----+  +--Eva I.---------+       Martin
                             |  |
                             |  |
    Sarah Isabel Turner------+  +--(other siblings)

    Frederick Regina Martin

    Born May 1837 in Sussex, England, to John (#4) and Ann Field Martin the youngest of nine children. Married Mary Ferry, who died in 1875 in Los Angeles, CA. Three children:
    Harriet Portia born April 14, 1868 in Chicago, Illinois; Edward Alfred, born July 2, 1873 in San Francisco, California; Fred J., born 1869 in Chicago, Illinois, died 1876 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Known as Reg, many thought his middle name was Reginald. A surveyor for the federal government, traveled with his small children. Died penniless on July 25, 1877. (doctor's letter)

    The following ancestors of Fred Martin do not appear on the chart above.

    John Martin (#4)

    Husband of Ann Field (photo). Physician, surgeon, and medical text author. Father of nine children, notably: Catherine, who became Mrs. Eastland of Tasmania; Margaret Louise; Harriet Portia, who became Prioress Ann at the Annuncianamento Convent in Provence, Portugal; Edward, who settled in Watsonville, California; Frederick Regina, the youngest.

    John Martin (#3)

    Son of John Martin (#2) Father of John Martin (#4)

    John Martin (#2)

    Born March 15, 1741. Father of John Martin (#3) Died in London April 23, 1820. Wife was a Miss Jessup. Noted in the English "Dictionary of National Biography". Became quite noted as a Baptist minister.

    George Henry Kennedy

    Read biographical sketch written in 1877.

    Born December 4, 1843 in Antioch Township, Illinois on the farm his parents John and Mary homesteaded. Married Sarah Isabel Turner in 1865. Daughter Eva Kennedy born May 22, 1877. Active in founding Antioch State Bank. President of Millburn Mutual Insurance Company. Township supervisor. Died November 5, 1916 (obituary). (photos available 1915, 1915)

    Sarah Isabel Turner

    Born Sarah Isabel Turner on January 19, 1844. Married George Henry Kennedy in 1865. Died November 21, 1915 (obituary). (photos available: 1915, 1915)

    Children of Frederick and Mary Ferry Martin

    Harriet Portia

    Adopted by Richard and Charlotte Pantall and listed within their family sketch.

    Edward Alfred

    Born July 2, 1873 at No. 1 Austin Ave. in San Francisco, California to Frederick Regina and Mary Ferry Martin. Orphaned at age four on July 25, 1877. Known as "Ned". In variously described orphanage or foster care. Came to Millburn, Illinois to be with sister
    Harriet at home of Richard and Charlotte Pantall. Worked in Pantall's Store. Took over the store in August, 1910, and ran it as Martin's Store for another fifty years. This store is our museum building. Son Richard Pantall Martin born October 13, 1913 in Millburn. Newport Township Supervisor for 12 years. Died August 8, 1960 (obituary) (photos available: 1890, 1895, 1915, 1945, 1954)

    Children of George and Sarah Turner Kennedy

    Eva I.

    Born Eva I. Kennedy on May 22, 1877 in Antioch Township, Illinois to George Henry and Sarah Kennedy. Married Fred C. Taylor in 1900. Mr. Taylor was born in March, 1874, died September 19, 1900, of tuberculosis. Took music training at Valparaiso University. Graduated from a three year nursing training class at German-American Hospital on May 30, 1905. Married Edward Alfred Martin on October 22, 1908 at the George Kennedy home. Celebrated fifty years of marriage (
    coverage). Died May 19, 1960 (obituary). (photos available: 1883, 1915, 1945, 1956)

    Children of Edward and Eva I. Martin

    Richard Pantall

    Born October 31, 1913 in Millburn. Premature birth, weighed only 3 and 1/2 pounds. Graduated Antioch High School, June 1, 1931. Interest in drama. Violinist and church choir director. Graduated Lake Forest University, June 8, 1935. Principal of elementary school, Winthrop Harbor, IL, 1936-1944. Masters of Arts, Northwestern University, September 10, 1940. Principal, Western Military Academy, 1946-1952 and 1953-1960. Doctor of Philosophy, Northwestern University, June 14, 1954. Major, Illinois National Guard, September 19, 1955. Teacher, English as a Second Language, University High, 1961-1965. E.S.L. Coordinator, Hollywood High School, Hollywood, CA 1965-1978. Collector of
    eggs. Died February 1, 1984, in Ensenada, Mexico (obituary). Death ruled a homicide. Bequeathed the Martin's Gen'L Store building to the Historic Millburn Community Association, Inc. with the request that the Association develop a 1900's general store museum. (photos available 1915, 1926, 1931, 1970).
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