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Newspaper Clippings for
January, 1882

from Gazette21 January 1882
Anson Hastings and Will Smart left the first of the week for Nebraska. Mr. Hastings is going to Colorado before his return. As his health has been poor for some time, he is in quest of that, as well as pleasure.

Mr. Eugene Wallace, who has been so long sick with a pulmonary difficulty, went a week or two since, to his father's at Bloomingdale. He hopes with the skill of a highly recommended physician and the change, that he may recover.

Vaccination is becoming very general through this part of the country. Dr. H. O. Leonard vaccinates a large number every day, a good many of the schools being "done" in a body.

Since the change of Post Office to the drug store, a full line of groceries has been added, making a really nice stock. May we not bespeak for them a liberal patronage. But the other side of the subject is truly sad, as we think of the holes that must of necessity come in our boots and shoes and no kind shoemaker to fill the gap as formerly.

Wm. Chope moved from the Cornelious Clark farm in Warren to his own, this week.

George Strang, S. and George Stewart are filling their ice houses. They get the ice from Hastings Lake.

Mrs. Lawrence has purchased a lot of Dr. Taylor, and as the lumber is already on the ground, operations will soon be commenced on the house.

Masters Will and George Mason and Robert Pollock went this week to Racine, they enter school there in the Preparatory course, with a view to enter College later.

G. L. Stewart goes as a delegate from the Millburn Insurance Co. to the State Association of Mutual Insurance Companies to convene at Bloomington next week.

from Gazette28 January 1882
Rev. M. Campbell is holding a series of meetings in the "Dodge" school house. Whether they will be continued longer than this week is not yet decided.

News reached this place last week, of the death of a former resident, Mr. Wm. Jameson by name. His many friends learn with regret of his death. His home for a number of years past has been in Oregon, where he has been loaning money at a high rate of interest.

Hon. James Pollock left for the East the first of the week and will probably be gone two weeks or more, looking into the wool interests with which he is connected, visiting places of note, also the home of his childhood, in Massachusetts.

Next Tuesday evening, at our Literary Society, Dr. Taylor reads a paper on vaccination, that runs like this: "That vaccination as practiced against small-pox and a benefit to mankind": The Rev. Mr. Campbell takes the opposite side, he being a firm believer in anti-vaccination.

The concert given by the Baptist Choir of Waukegan, last week, in Hughes' Hall, was well received, and was conceded by all to have been the best thing of its kind Waukegan ever favored us with.

Mrs. James Dodge, who has been sick for a number of weeks, is still very ill. B.

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