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Newspaper Clippings for
December, 1881

from Gazette17 December 1881
Mr. David White, and his sister Maggie, left on Monday morning for their brother's, Dr. John White's in Michigan, Miss Maggie intending to remain and clerk in her brother's store.

Mrs. Wm. (Margaret) McCredie, an old lady of eighty-two years, 2 months and 22 days and the last of a family of four, all alive and well a few months since, passed away on Wednesday of last week, December 7, 1881, her funeral occurring from the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. Alex. Stewart, on Saturday.

Death of Jessie Irene Murrie, youngest daughter of James and Mary J. Murrie, aged 15 months.

Fr. Samuel Leigh recently sold his farm and goes with his family to Colorado.

A change in the firm of Strang & Stewart took place one day last week. Mr. Stewart selling his interest in the store to Mr. Strang, who will continue at the old stand as before. We understand that Mr. Stewart does not intend leaving the place, but will engage in some other business.

Hon. James Pollock recently returned from a trip of a week or more, visiting friends in Missouri, Nebraska and other States.

Mrs. Pollock and Miss Bertha are in Chicago, visiting friends.

Miss Maggie Thain is also there.

Mrs. Pantall has just returned from a visit to the city.

Mrs. Rubie Dodge and Miss Helen Barry are attending the Musical Convention at Ivanhoe.

Our young bridal pair, Mr. John Strang and wife, commenced house keeping in their new home, in our village this week.

The oyster supper our young folks had appointed for Thursday evening of this week, is postponed on account of bad roads. B

from Gazette31 December 1881
The improvements in the way of street lamps the young people are trying to get, does not progress very rapidly, the oyster supper of a couple of weeks ago only realizing them but a little over one lamp; but with the one they now have, it figures two, and if interest can only be kept up, we think our beautiful city may be lighted yet. We hear of some sociable talked of to forward the enterprise.

Although the money was raised and plank on the ground for the sidewalk to the cemetery a long time ago, the last of it was not laid 'til lately, the children going East to school appreciating it thoroughly during this mud.

Mr. G. L. Stewart was away on a business trip to Indiana the first of the week.

Mr. and Mrs. James Thain spent Christmas in Chicago with their daughter.

Mr. George Carr has gone to Springfield to visit friends.

Among the visitors to our place for Christmas and the holidays are the following: A lady and gentleman, friends of Mr. John Bain's family, at their place; Mrs. Pantall, her brother from Missouri with his son and daughter; Mr. James Bonner's folks, some relatives, recently from Scotland, on their way to a new home in Iowa; Mrs. George Strang's son, a brother, wife and children, from Faribault, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strang, their daughter, Mrs. Mavor, with husband children from Chicago, also their daughter, Mrs. Yule, and husband from Somers, Wis; Misses Kittie and Maggie Smith are entertaining Miss Hattie Merchant, Mr. Hayward spending Christmas with them; Harry Judson and Morton Skinner being at Mr. John Strang's.

The funeral of Mr. James Jamieson's little child was attended from Hughes Hall on Tuesday of this week.

We believe there is a prospect of two or three new houses in the village in the Spring. B

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