Our Historical Museum

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We are an all-volunteer community historical society and museum presenting local and regional exhibits in an old-time general store. We've tried to make our museum look much like the general store did a hundred years ago (compare interior photos from 1905 and 1999).

The museum is owned and operated by the Historic Millburn Community Association, Incorporated. We offer a brief history of how the HMCA founded the museum.

We're located in Old Mill Creek, Lake County, Illinois, about 15 miles west of Lake Michigan and about five miles south of the Wisconsin border. The Millburn area was annexed to Old Mill Creek in 1991. We have directions, which include a map, to help motorists find their way.

Martin's General Store Museum is open by appointment only from April through November. We are closed December through March. Special group or individual visits may be arranged by appointment only. Call or e‐mail Co‐Chairpersons Jennifer Durot at (847) 828­‐3737 or Lisa Moser at (847) 494-1450 to schedule a visit.

We are open to the public and do not charge admission. Please consider making a donation. Read the brochure that we give to visitors as they arrive.

You may enter the exhibit area.

We are appreciative of the donation of items for our collection.