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Newspaper Clippings for
February, 1882

from Gazette1 February 1882
The meetings that were being held in Dodge school house last week are continued for this week also.

The vaccination question that was to have come before the Literary Association this week, was necessarily postponed, the Rev. Mr. Campbell being unable to be present. It is expected now without fail next week, and as other entertainment of an interesting character will be also provided, a pleasant time is anticipated. We understand the meeting is to be public and a small admittance fee charged to help in defraying the expenses of the society.

The school in the west district has enjoyed a vacation of a week, Mr. Stanford, their teacher, being off duty for that time on account of sickness.

Mr. McClure, who has been canvassing our place this week for his Commentary, has sold quite a number.

Miss Maggie White, of Lyons, Neb. is home for a visit to friends. She will probably remain about six weeks.

Miss Lizzie and Laura Moran returned home this week after a three or four weeks visit to friends in the city.

Mrs. Robt. Strang is with her daughter, Mrs. Yule, in Somers. B

from Gazette18 February 1882
Hon. J. K. Pollock reports a pleasant time while away, and among the sights that greeted his eye, was the "lovely" pliz of Guiteau. G. L. Stewart has engaged as commercial traveler for the Wholesale Grocery House of Harman & Merriam, Chicago, and starts next week. We understand his route lays so that one week he will travel with his horse in Lake County, and the next by rail in Wisconsin. We wish him success in his new undertaking.

Mr. McClure, who is canvassing for Jamieson, Fausest & Brown's Commentaries, is doing a good business in this place, having about twenty already sold.

At the Literary Association, last week, the speakers for and against vaccination were greeted by a large and appreciative audience, and their papers were certainly full of merit. The wish has been expressed by a member that they might be quoted in the County papers.

Mrs. Studman of Chicago is the guest of her mother-in-law, Mrs. E. L. Studman

The Misses Moran are entertaining a young lady friend from Chicago.

Miss Cynthia Hockaday has a young 2nd cousin visiting her from the East.

Miss Mary Barry is at home for a time. Miss Helen taking her place at Ivanhoe.

Mr. John Minto's family to the number of six, are down with scarlet fever, but in a mild form. As some were taken in school, it caused considerable excitement but no new cases are reported up to this date. The general health of the community is good. B

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