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Biographical Sketch for
Richard Pantall Family

Richard Pantall-------------+  +--Freemont Richard
                            |  |
                            +--+--Julia-----------------+  +--Charlotte Mabel
                            |                           +--+
Charlotte Roxania Galloway--+     Norman Rawson Adams---+  +--Mary Whitney Bae

Richard Pantall

Born May 29, 1831, in Mathon, Worchester, England. Came to US in 1846. Son of Robert Pantall, who came to Millburn by 1860. Lived with sister, Rasiah (Mrs. Porter) Millen, in Waukegan, during 1850. She died in March, 1898. Married Charlotte Roxania Galloway at 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, May 23, 1855 in Deerfield, Illinois. Son Fremont Richard Pantall died at early age. By 1860 has become a boot and shoemaker and has moved to Millburn. Adopted Harriet Martin through efforts of Dr. Leonard. Established general store in Millburn and ran it until August, 1910, when he turned it over to Edward Martin. Secretary of Millburn Mutual Insurance Company. Lived last few years with daughter Julia in Chicago. Died at 9:30 on November 3, 1915 (obituary). (photos available: 1858, 1886, 1905, 1914)

Charlotte Roxania Galloway

Born on April 18, 1836 in Beaver Dam, Pennsylvania. Daughter of Elizabeth Adams born January 29, 1801, who was the daughter of David M. Adams, a descendant of John Quincy Adams. Charlotte's father was Isaac Galloway. At age six weeks traveled with her family to Illinois. Family stopped to bury this little child when it was thought that she had died, but recovered and family went on. Her brother, Alec, moved to LaPlata, Missouri. Sister Caroline married Lewis P. Todd. Brother Job married Emma Millen. Married Richard Pantall on May 23, 1855 in Deerfield, Illinois. Son Freemont Richard Pantall born March 18, 1856 and died September 14, 1856. Lived last few years with daughter Julia in Chicago. Died at 10:30 a.m. on September 12, 1915 (obituary). (photos available: 1866, 1886, 1914)

Children of Richard and Charlotte Pantall


Born Harriet Portia Martin on April 14, 1868 in Chicago, Illinois (Siegel St.) to
Frederick Regina and Mary Ferry Martin. Orphaned and stayed at Home for the Friendless in Chicago, Illinois. Adopted by Richard and Charlotte Pantall through the efforts of their friend Dr. Leonard, of Millburn. Pantalls changed her name to Julia, though often referred to as Nettie by her Martin family relatives. Married Norman Rawson Adams on October 22, 1891 (coverage) (photo available: 1894). Norman was born May 31, 1869, in Chicago. He was the son of Isaac Osgood Adams, who was the nephew of John Adams' first cousin. He was an inspector with the Swift company for 35 years. Norman died (1948?) June 4, 1951, at 3407 W. 65rd Place, Chicago. Children: Charlotte Mabel, born October 28, 1892, in Millburn, copy typist for Chicago Tribune, married L. L. Pessink, died in 1970 (photos available: 1894, 1898, 1904, 1904, 1923, 1942); Mary Whitney Bae, born June 21, 1897, in Millburn, died of tuberculosis April 13, 1922 (photos available: 1897, 1898, 1899, 1904, 1904, 1907, 1919, 1920). Julia died in 1924 of tuberculosis. (photos available: 1886, 1894, 1904) Norman remarried.
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