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Newspaper Clippings for
November, 1915

Antioch News4 November 1915
Mr. and Mrs. George Kennedy of Hickory
Recall Days of Fifty Years Ago
At the Kennedy home at Hickory corners on Monday of this week there was celebrated an event of interest to many of the residents of the county.
In the year of 1865 George Kennedy and Miss Sarah Turner were united in marriage and now in the year of 1915 they were priveleged to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary.
Over sixty friends of the couple responded to an invitation to be present upon this occasion and join in the festivities.
A reception was held at the home of the couple, then all adjourned to the larger home of their son, Frank B. Kennedy where dinner was served. As the party wended its way from one house to the other Miss Vida Jamieson played the wedding march. Amidst beautiful decorations of yellow chrysanthemums and smilax the guests were served with a bounteous wedding dinner. The place cards were of a bell shape and had been hand painted by their daughter.
After dinner the Virginia reel was danced and the bride and groom declared they felt as young as they did fifty years ago.
Mrs. Jamieson and daughter Vida sang several numbers and an old paper which was written fifty-two years ago was read. The paper was dated 1863 and was written at the time a lyceum was being held at the Hickory school house. The teacher who is now dead was the auther of the missive which was written by hand on foolscap. The younger people of those days were mentioned in the paper and the names of several of the guests besides Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy were found therein.
Their children, Frank of Hickory, Mrs. Fred Akins of Kenosha and Mrs. Ed Martin of Millburn and also five grand children were all present.
Residents of Antioch, Millburn, Waukegan, Woodworth and Kenosha were in attendance.

Richard Pantell, for 40 years postmaster at Millburn and for as many years a merchant in that hamlet, died in Chicago Wednesday morning aged 84 years.
His death occurred at the home of an adopted daughter in the southwest part of the metropolis. He had been failing for some time as a result of his advanced age.
Mr. Pantell was one of the pioneers of northwestern Lake county having lived there over half a century. His little store in Millburn for years was the only store in that locality. As postmaster he served the government for 40 years and held the distinction for many years of having been postmaster longer than any other man in the state.
When he located at Millburn; Mr. Pantell was a cobbler by trade. By careful saving he managed to start up a little store which gradually grew in importance until after he retired.
Mr. and Mrs. Pantell never had any children of their own, but they felt it their duty to help others seeing that they were able to do so, so it is stated of them, they raised four children while they lived at Millburn. One of the adopted children was Ed Martin, supervisor of Newport township, who now runs the Pantell store which he purchased some years ago when Mr. Pantell retired. The adopted daughter with whom he lived in Chicago was Mrs. Norman Adams, a sister of Mr. Martin Herbert Tood, another child whom they raised, died some years ago.
Mr. Pantell's death followed that of his wife very closely, for she died only September 12, last, also in Chicago, and she rests in Millburn cemetery.

Miss Foote has returned from Iowa.

The Ladies Aid will hold their bazaar, Nov. 6, at the church.

L. S. Bonner and J. S. Denman spent the past week in Chicago.

Clarence Stewart and wife of St. Paul, Minn., are visiting relatives here.

Clarence Crawford and Miss Ada Ray were married Oct. 26. Congratulations.

Misses Helen and Jessie Cannon are entertaining company from Desplaines.

Lawrence Haines and Miss Stella Haines of Gurnee attended a party at Irving's Saturday night.

A hallowe'en party was held Saturday evening at the home of John Irving. A fine time was reported.

Geo. Edward Smith of Denver, Colo., died Wednesday, Oct. 26. Mrs. Smith is a brother of Mrs. Hannah Lamb of Lamb Corners and Mrs. D. J. Minto, now deceased.

Antioch News11 November 1915
Ira Stephens has returned home from Salt Lake City.

Elmer Cannon and wife are visiting W. Cannon at Birchwood, Wis.

Mrs. Menzo Webb entertained company from Highland Park over Sunday.

There was an entertainment at the church Tuesday evening in the interest of temperance.

Mrs. Hannah Lamb formerly of this place left Thursday for Florida with Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Hughes by auto.

An all day meeting of the W. C. T. U. was held at the home of Mrs. Menzo Webb to sew for the Lake Bluff orphanage.

W. J. White and wife, T. Garrett and wife and Mrs. Chas. Mathews called on Mrs. Golgrove at the Lake County hospital Sunday.

The first number on the lecture course program will be held Tuesday evening, Nov. 16. Lee Francis Laerrger, cychology of success.

Word reached here Wednesday. Nov 3, of the death of Richard Pantall at the home of his daughter in Chicago. Burial at Millburn cemetery Friday morning with Masonic service.

Antioch News18 November 1915
Rev. Safford spent Monday in Chicago.

Leo Strang arrived home from the West Wednesday.

Wm. P. Davis sustained a stroke of paralysis last Sunday.

Rev. Geo. Mitchell of Waukegan was out to his farm Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Duncon of Wis., have sold out and will soon move back to Millburn.

Wm. Cleveland spent the week-end with their daughter, Mrs. Levi Wait at Round Lake.

Mrs. Jack Cory has gone to Giman, Ill., to attend the funeral of her brother Robert Pollock.

W. J. White and wife attended the golden wedding of Andrew White and wife at Grayslake Saturday.

Peter Duncan of Grand Rapids last week brought the remains of his little son for burial in the Millburn cemetery.

The Misses McDougall held a Missionary Tea at their home at Hastings Lake Thursday afternoon. Large attendance.

Word reached here Monday of the death of Robt. Pollock at his home in Gilmore, Ill. The remains were brought here for burial Wednesday.

The Schuman Glee club of the North Shore to the number of 14 young men, under the auspices of the Ladies Aid will give a No. 1. Concert at the church Thanksgiving evening.

Antioch News25 November 1915
Mrs. Sarah Kennedy, one of Lake county's pioneer residents, died at her home at Hickory at Monday following an illness of ten days. A week ago last Saturday Mrs. Kennedy, accompanied by her husband, Geo. Kennedy, drove from Hickory to Kenosha where they spent the day with relatives and friends. Mrs. Kennedy suffered a chill upon returning home and the next day was taken to her bed with pneumonia. Her condition gradually became worse until she passed away.
On Monday, Nov. 1, Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. A family dinner party was held and the couple were the recipients of many costly and beautiful presents.
Mrs. Kennedy is survived by her husband and three children, Mrs. Martin of Millburn, Mrs. Fred Achen of Kenosha and Frank Kennedy of Hickory.
Mrs. Kennedy was 71 years old and had been a resident of Lake county nearly all her life.

Mrs. John Bonner has been sick for over a week.

Mrs. Sarah Dodge is visiting relatives in this vicinity.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Marseles are entertaining company from Texas.

Little Richard Martin is sick with pneumonia but at present writing is on the gain.

The Ladies Aid society will hold a picnic dinner Thursday, Dec. 2. A business meeting.

Leslie Kemper, wife and daughter of Chicago spent Sunday at the home of Jesse Denman.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Corey will move this week into Mrs. Pollock's mothers house for the winter.

Mrs. Geo. Kennedy, mother of Mrs. E. A. Martin died Monday of pneumonia and Mrs. Martin is ill from the effects of the illness of the others.

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