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Historic Building 9
38758 Route 45

photo of Martin's Gen'L Store museum</title>
Built in 1862
DateTypeSize (k)Comments
2004color after repairs
2002color during repairs
2001color70accident damage
1991color188most recent
1970b/w62aerial view
1956b/w28from E. Foster's History
1956b/w34side view
1928b/w61with porch
1905b/w84interior view and Mr. Pantall [TIFF available]

Read more about Richard Pantall, who started this store.
Read more about Ed Martin, who took over the store.

This is our museum building.

the following comments are copied from the application for the National Historic Register
Richard Pantall was a cobbler by trade but in 1862 went into general merchandising at this location. From 1864-1904, the store was also the Millburn Post Office, Pantall serving as postmaster. Most of the additions to the building -- all of them at the rear of the 1862 structure -- were made by Pantall himself.
Pantall operated his general store until 1910, at which time Edward Martin, who had been his associate since 1887, assumed the business and conducted it until 1910. Something of a community social center from its inception, the Pantall-Martin Store was also the longest-lived and last operating general store in Lake County. The building presently houses an antique shop.

more notes:
This is our museum building. Ed Martin retired from storekeeping in 1958. The building was rented to a number of merchants over the next several years until 1985, when Ed's son Richard passed away. Richard left the building to the HMCA to be used as a museum.

A new wood shingle roof was installed in the fall of 1996.
The exterior was painted during the summer of 1997.