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Biographical Sketches
of Millburn Families

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Family Name
Abbott Pioneer settlers.
Ames Originally from Vermont, this family settled in Tioga County, Pennsylvania, before moving to Lake County. Large family settled primarily at Hickory Corners. Married into many of the other families.
Anderson Beatrice Anderson was Millburn's unofficial historian. Her scrapbooks have been an invaluable source of information.
Backus Pioneer settlers.
Bain Part of the extended Humphrey-Bain-Smith family. From Columbia County, New York.
Barry Pioneer settlers.
Bater Pioneer settlers. Owned farm south of town. Later sold farm and moved into town. Daughters travelled extensively.
Beck Farmers near Millburn. Son killed by home invaders.
Behrens Married into local families.
Bingham Church minister from 1874 to 1880.
Board [Being researched].
Bonner Pioneer settlers. Several branches of this Scottish family farmed at Millburn.
Browe [Being researched].
Buffham [Being researched].
Bullock [Being researched].
Chope Pioneers. We still have Chope descendants in Millburn.
Clark [Being researched].
Crapo [Being researched].
Cribb Settled west of Millburn. Married into local families.
Crosbey [Being researched].
Daley [Being researched].
Dawson Family came to Millburn from Iowa. Daughters married local boys. Family moved on again, to settle at Three Oaks, Michigan.
Dearborn Pioneers settlers. Married a Dodge daughter.
Denman Associated with the Millburn Mutual Insurance Company.
Dodge William Bradford Dodge came to Millburn to live with his extended family, became minister of the church, and had a profound effect on the early development of this community, which was ready to align with many of his ideas. Large family.
Druse Also spelled Druce. This family settled several miles south of Millburn. There is a lake there, named for this family. Alexander Druse gave the name for Warren Township, which was the same name as the township he was from in New York.
Eichinger Also seen spelled Eichanger. Residents.
Fahrney Family of Dr. Peter Fahrney, developer of patent medicines.
Frazier Pioneer Settlers.
Fuller [Being researched].
Gerity [Being researched].
Gerry Farm family. Freak lightning accident takes life. One son, seeking adventure moves to Colorado just as indians leave.
Gillett Pioneer family. Descendants were barbers in Gurnee.
Goodnow [Being researched].
Graves [Being researched].
Gray Early settler. Married a Dodge daughter.
Griggs Early settler.
Harris Minister before turn of century. Daughters married and stayed. Began community savings and loan.
Hartnett [Being researched].
Hastings Settled on land west of Millburn. Local lake named for this family. Present home of YMCA Camp Hastings
Heddle Active in local government. Son built many of the houses in Millburn
Henkel Settled east of town.
Hill [Being researched].
Hockaday Pioneers. They became prosperous farmers who gave land for a local school house bearing their name which was in use until 1920.
Hoffman Residents.
Hughes, David Older brother of John Hughes.
Hughes, John H. Younger brother of David Hughes.
Humphrey Part of the Humphrey-Bain-Smith family from Columbia County, New York.
Irving Children married into local families.
Jamieson Several cousins who bought property around town.
Jamison Dr. Homer E. Jamison brought modern medicine to Millburn. Founded local telephone switchboard, implemented Delco light plants.
Kerr Came to area from Scotland via Canada about 1851.
Lahey [Being researched].
LeVoy [Being researched].
Lewin Family with ten children came to Millburn area in 1853.
Lewis Pioneer settlers. Large family of sixteen children.
Low Pioneer settlers.
Martin Richard Martin and his family were involved in Millburn and with this general store for over 100 years. His father Ed came to Millburn to live with the Pantall's, who had adopted his sister.
Mason Married into Smith and Pollock families. Descendants inherited bulk of "Silent" Smith's estate.
Mathews Relatives of Sadler and Kerr families.
McAlister This family arrived quite poor and prospered over time. Wife Jane Strang McAlister was active in community affairs and gave money to start a nearby hospital. She was also generous about preserving the cemetery.
McCredie Large family. Related to many other families by marriage.
McGuire Moved to Millburn from Benton Township.
Miller Pioneer settlers. Originally settling south of Millburn, they soon relocated north of town on the road now known as Miller Road. One of our Millers was involved in shipping milk by rail.
Minto Early settlers at Loon Lake, west of Millburn. Related to the White family.
Moran [Being researched].
Murrie Early settlers at Russell, in Newport Township. Married into several of our Millburn families.
Odett Early settlers south of town.
Ogston Early settlers south of town.
Pantall Shoemaker starts general store in village. Ed Martin joins the effort and continues for a total of 70 years.
Pearson Pioneer settlers from New Hampshire
Pollock Pioneer settlers. One son served as a captain in the civil war. Another became a state representative.
Pope The Pope family originally settled just north of Wadsworth and came to Millburn Church by buggy. They later bought part of the Fahrney farm and moved closer to Millburn.
Robson [Being researched].
Rose [Being researched].
Sadler From Massachusetts.
Safford Rev. A. W. Safford was the church minister from 1905 until he retired in 1919.
Shatswell [Being researched].
Sleuman Pioneer settler. Owned land that became the village.
Smart Came to Lake County in 1852. Seven children married well
Smith, George E. Farmed northwest of town.
Smith, George Simpson Pioneer settlers farmed north of town. Family included a son who became "Silent Smith of Wall Street".
Smith, Killian A. This New Yorker bought land for his children to farm on. He apparently never lived here. Part of the extended Humphrey-Bain-Smith family.
Smith, Samuel Merchant in town. Daughter Kittie ran store when dad died.
Sorter [Being researched].
Spafford [Being researched].
Specht Pioneer settlers.
Spring [Being researched].
Stedman Pioneer settler. Married a Dodge daughter.
Stephens Farmers. Son became active in local government.
Stewart Early settlers. George was a partner in the Strang Store for a period of time. This family did very well and became quite prosperous.
Strang Millburn owes quite a lot to the Strang Family. This very early pioneer family was quite large, so large in fact, that Millburn was originally known by the name "Strang's Corners". There were 13 children and 51 grandchildren. If you lived near Millburn, you probably had a Strang there somewhere. In 1978, when the family genealogist passed away, she had records for hundreds of Strang descendants.
Sutherland Cousin of the Jamiesons.
Taylor Dr. David Baldwin Taylor, M. D., was one of our town doctors for 40 years. He came to Millburn after being discharged during the civil war, raised a family and practiced medicine. We have an inventory of his estate when he died in 1904.
Thain Pioneer settlers. Ran grist and saw mills on Mill Creek.
Thayer Farmers in Millburn. We've included an inventory of the farm when William Emerson Thayer died in 1893. The Thayers owned a large number of acres at one time, quite a lot of it later became Lindenhurst, Illinois.
Thom Bought Pollock farm. Imported Clydesdale work horses.
Tombaugh [Being researched].
Tower [Being researched].
Trotter Bought government land. Tragedy struck this family when two sons were drowned in Mill Creek.
Van Alstyne Also spelled Van Alstine. From New York.
Waterbury Pioneer settlers who also gave land for a local local school.
Watson Became part of the community.
Webb Very large family. Lived in vicinity of Hickory.
Wedge Bought government land and became part of the community.
White, Andrew [Being researched].
White, David [Being researched].
White, George Pioneer settler. Brother of Andrew and David White.
Wienecke [Being researched].
Wright Bought government land and became part of the community.
Yule Most of this large family located in Kenosha County, Wisc. Some family members found land in Millburn more to their liking.


We're interested in acquiring more information about our early citizens. If you have done a family genealogy and had members in Millburn, let us know. (contact HMCA)