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Newspaper Clippings for
September, 1915

loose obituary, source unknown 9 September 1915
Charlotte Roxania Galloway Pantall
(Editor's Note: we do not have the introductory portion of this obituary. Our records indicate that they were married May 23, 1855. Charlotte died September 12, 1915.)
. . . May 18,1854, at the age of eighteen to Richard Pantall and for two years following lived in Waukegan. The young couple then went to Millburn and for years Richard Pantall was the village cobbler. Later, he started a general store and operated it until a few years ago when the business passed into the hands of Supervisor Edward Martin, who had make his home with the aged couple for over twenty-five years.
Few people were better known or better loved than Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pantall of Millburn. They were always identified with the best movements of the community in which they lived and had a large circle of friends built up by a life of sixty years in the village of Millburn.
One son died in infancy and was the only child born to the deceased. Mrs. N. R. Adams, an adopted daughter was Miss Julia Martin and a sister to Supervisor Edward Martin. She had lived with the Pantalls since early childhood and it was at her home that the aged lady had resided for the past three years.
Mr. Richard Pantall the husband who survives the deceased is over 84 years of age and in fairly good health.
The funeral will be held Tuesday from the home of Mrs. Adams at Chicago Lawn, by train to Waukegan, arriving here at 12:50 noon and thence by carriages to Millburn where interment will be made. There will be a short service at the cemetery.
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