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Newspaper Clippings for

March, 1846

from the Little Fort Porcupine and Democratic Banner 10 March 1846

 At the Lake County Liberty Convention held at Libertyville on the 4th day of March for the purpose of organizing a County Liberty Association, the meeting was opened by prayer by the Rev. Mr. Paine; the Rev. Mr. Dodge was elected President, Mr. C. C. Cadwell Vice Pres., and Lathrop Bullen Secretary.

 Committees for various objects were appointed, -and the committee on business reported the following Resolutions and Constitution, which were adopted:

 Resolved, That this Convention deem it expedient to organize for this county, a Liberty Association.
Constitution of the Lake County Liberty Association.
 Preamble: Believing that God hath 'created of one blood all nations of men,' and commanded them to love their neighbors as themselves; that our national existence is based upon the same principle as declared in the Declaration of Independence, 'That all men are created equal, and endowed by their Creator with the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,' and that it is the duty of this country to do all which is lawfully in their power to secure these rights, and this equality to all persons in our nation, without regard to color birth place, or condition. We, the undersigned, relying on the Divine aid, agree to form our selves into a society for this purpose, and to be governed by the following Constitution:

 Article 1. This society shall be called the 'Lake County Liberty Association.'

 Art. 2. The objects of this association are to do all it can consistently with Law, Humanity, and Religion to effect the entire abolition of Slavery in the United States. This object it will endeavor to accomplish chiefly by the dissemination of its principles among the people, and the election of such men to the offices of law makers as are the well known enemies of slavery.

 Art. 3. It shall be deemed a violation of principle and duty for any member of this association to vote for the election of any man as law maker, judge, or ruler who is a slaveholder or a pro slavery man.

 Art. 4. Any person consenting to the foregoing principles, objects, and pledge may become a member of this association by signing this Constitution.

 Art. 5. The officers of this association shall be a President, one Vice President from each precinct in the county, a Secretary, and Treasurer, all of whom shall constitute a central committee and five of whom shall be a quorum with power to call meetings, employ agents, fill vacancies which may occur in their number during the _________ of the society’s meetings, and do all other acts and things necessary to accomplish the objects of the association. The officers shall continue in office till others shall be elected to their place.

 Art. 6. The Association shall hold an annual meeting on the first Tuesday of February, annually, for the choice of officers and the transaction of any other business which may come before it. At any annual meeting this constitution may be amended by a vote of two thirds of the members present, except the first and third articles which shall not be altered.

 The following resolutions were passed.

 Resolved, That we recommend our friends to organize liberty associations in all the precincts in the county in which it may be practicable, to appoint committees in all the different neighborhoods in which suitable persons can be found to see to the distribution of publications, secure the labors of lecturers, and take all measures necessary to spread our principles among the people.

 Resolved, That the legislative acts of Illinois popularly known as the ‘black law’, presuming colored people to be slaves, and authorizing them to be arrested, imprisoned and advertised as such and to be sold to pay their jail fees, robbing them of legal protection and outlawing them by denying them the right to testify against white persons in the courts of law - subjecting them to the necessity of stealing for the means of subsistence, by prohibiting our fellow citizens from employing, harboring, or aiding them under the pain of severe fines and imprisonments, and converting this free state into a hunting field for slaveholders and kidnappers, by inviting them to come here and spirit away into slavery the former victims of their oppression, is immoral, despotic, and inhuman, a palpable and daring infraction on the law of God, and a burning disgrace to this state, and ought to be immediately repealed.

 Resolved, That we have heard with mortification and alarm that the representative of this county voted in the last legislature for this atrocious law, and that we will omit no honorable effort, next August, to secure the election of some friend of our common humanity, who will move immediately to free our county and state from this foul reproach.

 Resolved, That the central committee be instructed to secure as many lecturers in this county, between this and the August election, as the means at their command will authorise; and that in this labor they be requested to have special reference to those precincts in which our principles are least understood, and that to aid them in this effort we will contribute liberally and use our utmost exertions.

 Resolved, That we desire our friends to make a general and thorough effort through the county to obtain subscribers for the Campaign Western Citizen.

 Resolved, That a Pro Slavery man is one, who, when the principles of the liberty party are fully and fairly before his mind, does not take decided ground in favor of the abolition of slavery.

The following were elected officers for the ensuing year:

President, Seth Paine; Vice Presidents, Thos. Hagerty, Lake Zurich precinct; Joseph Cook, Lake; Rob’t Pollock, Mill Creek; F. H. Porter, Little Fort; A. B. Patridge, Burlington; Theron Parsons, Middlesex; T. Q. Gage, Bristol; Secretary, H. W. Blodgett, Little Fort; Treasurer, Eli Gage, Antioch.

 Resolved. That the proceedings of this convention be published in the Little Fort Porcupine, Lake County Herald and Western Citizen.

 On motion, the meeting adjourned, sine die.

WM. B. DODGE. Pres.

Lathrop Bullen, Sec.
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