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Newspaper Clippings for

April, 1854

from the Freeman's Advocate 8 April 1854

Antioch Town Election
The following is the result of the annual town election for Antioch, on Tuesday last:

For Supervisors--E. S. Ingalls 102, E. C. Stevens 33, Geo. Hale 6.

Town Clerk--------Daniel Lewis 48, Henry Roberts 88, Darius B. Gage 6.

Assessor------------George Hale 134, E. F. Ingalls 6.

Collector-----------Charles Haynes 91, William Frazier 42, E. S. Ingalls 6.

Highway Commissioners--Myron Emmons 85, Samuel Garwood 137, Ira R. Webb 100, A. B. Paddock 40, G. M. Hastings 55.

Justices of the Peace--Ralph E. Simmons 96, Theodore Frazier 93, Myron Emmons 42, Robert Pollock 38.

Overseer of the Poor--Nelson Sherman 82, Jno. R. Arnold 39, Henry Middendorff 11, Scatt 5.

Great efforts were made to defeat E. S. Ingalls Esq, for the office of Supervisor, by means of split tickets and other species of political chicanery, but without success, and the aiders and abettors of such unfair practices were deservedly rebuked by the independent voters of the town. The full vote of the town was not polled, had it been, there is no doubt but that his majority would have been very much greater than it now is.
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