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Biographical Sketch for
Samuel Smith Family

Samuel Smith----------+  +--Catherine L.
                      |  |
                      |  |
Ann Susan (unknown)---+  +--Agnes E.-------------+
                         |                       +--+--Clarence S.
                         |  Chancy B. Cummings---+

Samuel Smith

Born 1812 in Scotland. Married Ann Susan (unknown). See tree above for children. Merchant, ran store in Millburn, beginning about 1854. Died December 13 (16?), 1885, at age 73 years (obituary).

Ann Susan (unknown)

Born November, 1826. Married Samuel Smith. Died August 10, 1916, at age 89 years 9 months (notice).

Children of Samuel and Ann Susan Smith

Catherine L.

Known as Kittie. Born August 21 (01?), 1851, in Chicago. Did not marry. Took over store after father's death. Frequent visitor to Chicago. Died June 18, 1911 (
obituary). Buried in Millburn Cemetery.

Agnes E.

Known as Aggie. Born May, 1854. Married Chancy (Chauncey?) B. Cummings in 1887. He was born July 2, 1846, in East Troy, Wisc., and died October 10, 1913, at age 67 years. Children: Clarence S., born September, 1889. Moved to Waukegan, Ill., in April, 1904.


Third child is listed in records with no particulars.
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