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Newspaper Clippings for
August, 1865

Waukegan Gazette12 August 1865
New Church at Milburn.

We are glad our good friends of the Milburn neighborhood are in a fair way of having a new Church Edifice-a house of worship worthy of that people-commensurate with their means and let us hope also so far as architectural beauty of design is concerned, in accordance with the improved ideas and tastes of the present century; because, as we view such things, there is no excuse, at the present day, with all the light that artistic genius has thrown upon the beautiful art of architecture during the past twenty years, for erecting any edifice, be it church or out-house, exhibiting the clumsy, outlandish, unsymetrical country school house notions of architecture of twenty years ago.

There is that which is beautiful in architecture, as well as in nature, and as it is just as cheap to adopt the plan, when about to erect a building, which harmonizes with the eye as to put up the ugly uncouth affair which may be suggested by the old fogy, one idea individual who perhaps twenty or more years ago, was dubbed an Architect, yet who was endowed with so few and so poor a quality of brains, that he has allowed the profession to go on and leave him away back in the mud, with his old time, crude ideas because, forsooth, he was too stubborn or too stupid, or both, to notice that the world was moving on and leaving him behind.

This class of pretenders in architecture, have been a curse to the country, and like quacks in anything else, the world over, will continue to be an injury and do a vast amount of mischief. We might enlarge upon this subject, but in connection with the Millburn Church, perhaps it may be considered out of place. But we will say right here, that our object in making these remarks in this connection, is to induce the building committee of the Millburn Church to throw away the ugly, uncouth, outlandish design which some architectural quack at Kenosha has been imposing upon them, and get a decent one from some source, one that they will not feel ashamed of when the edifice shall be built, as we know they would, should they go on and build after these plans. There is no economy, we can assure our Millburn friends, in putting up such in preference to something of a tasty, modern appearance. The idea that it costs more to put a board in one shape than it does in another is all moonshine. A neat, tastily constructed church of modern design, can be built just as cheaply as one of your old fashioned chronic, stiff looking affairs, after models of the last century.

These are facts and we have the documents to prove what we say, and hope our good friends at Millburn will not feel hard with us for talking thus plain, because we do it, as we think, for their ultimate good. We want them to have a neat looking comfortable Church, one that we shall feel proud of; and if they imagine that they cannot afford the outlay for such plans as they know they would like and ought to have, let them call upon us and we will put them in a way of securing what they desire in this connection, quite free of expense.

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