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Newspaper Clippings for
May, 1900

from the Waukegan Daily 04 May 1900
Search of Dead Women's Late Home Reveals Hidden Cash.
Mrs. Benjamin Gardner, one of the oldest settlers of Lake County was buried last Friday at Millburn. She was thought to have left little property, but developments have revealed traces of hidden wealth. In a woodshed in the rear of the home in a joint of stovepipe was found a collection of tins and cloths among which was hidden $800 in cash. Other valuables are being searched for. The aged woman has resided in this vicinity for fifty-five years, her husband dying five years ago. She owned a small farm on which she lived a retied life.
from Antioch News10 May 1900
Harry Adams, of Green Bay, Wis., was on our streets this week.

Walter Ross, of Fort Worth, Texas, visited at Mrs. Watson's the first of the week.

Mr. and Mrs. James Anderson, Jr., of Lake Forest, visited at Mr. Bonner's this week.

Mrs. Lawrence returned to her home here Thursday after spending the winter in Tabor, Iowa.

Mrs. Taylor and daughter Marjorie, and Miss Emily Wynn, of Waukegan spent Sunday at Mrs. Bater's.

The Regular monthly business meeting of the Y. P. S. C. E. will be held with Jeanie Thom on Friday evening.

Mrs. Brown and son Warren, of Chicago, are spending a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Wentworth.

Mr. and Mrs. James Duncan and son Albert, and Mr. and Mrs. P. P. Ames, of Antioch, called on Millburn friends Sunday.

Mr. Herbert McQueen, of Chicago, and Mr. Ray Tombaugh, of Waukegan, visited friends here and attended church Sunday.

from Antioch News17 May 1900
Married--At Millburn, Illinois, by Rev. S. A. Harris, Thursday, May 10, 1900, Mr. Ernest L. Simons to Miss Emma Smart, both of this city (Editor's note: Antioch.). The many friends of the bride and groom join with The News in wishing the happy couple a share of the joys of this life and none of its sorrows.

loose clipping, source unknown 23 May 1900
On Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Stewart, occurred the wedding of Irene L Stewart and Dr. Ralph C. Taylor. Over a hundred relatives and friends were present and the brief and impressive ceremony was performed by Rev. S. A. Harris. Dr. and Mrs. Taylor went to Chicago for a short time and will make their home at Lily Lake, Ill., where he has a progressive practice.

loose clipping, source unknown 26 May 1900
Robbery at Millburn.
The village of Millburn was thrown into a state of excitement Sunday by the announcement of a bold burglary.
The residence of Mrs. Phoebe Lamson had been entered Saturday night, the prowler gaining the house by forcing a window.
Proceeding upstairs, the robber had gone to the bed room of Herbert Matthews, Mrs. Lamson's son-in-law. His trousers were taken from the room and found near the open window down stairs Sunday morning. The pockets had been rifled and $160 in money taken therefrom.
No trace of the thief has been secured, but it was evidently done by somebody familiar with the place and aware that Mr. Matthew had the money.

from Antioch News31 May 1900
Sneaked the Cash.
Saturday night sneak thieves entered the home of H. R. Mathews, at Millburn, by forcing an entrance through the kitchen window. After searching around the house they entered Mr. Mathews sleeping room on the second floor and succeeded in making away with his trousers and vest in which they found about $180 in cash and a watch. Pocketing the cash they left the trousers and vest in the yard and also left the watch, evidently fearing it might prove a means of identification.

Mr. and Mrs. P. P. Ames, Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Hughes and Miss Bell and Miss Mary Jameison attended the Taylor-Stewart wedding at Millburn last Wednesday.

Antioch baseball club played with Millburn, Sunday, the score being 18 and 11 in favor of Antioch.

A Bad Accident.
While going home from this city about half past nine Thursday evening, and when within about a half mile of home the rig driven by Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Barber was ran into by three men from the Dr. Fahrney place near Millburn, who were on their way to this place. The rig was driven by the doctor's coachman and contained two plumbers who were at work at the farm. Whether the horse was unmanageble or the accident occurred from reckless driving, is not known, but Mr. and Mrs. Barber were crowded from the road and the heavy rig crashed into their light buggy smashing it into kindling wood and throwing the occupants to the ground where both received serious injuries, those of Mrs. Barber being for a time thought to be fatal. Sunday for the first time she was able to open her eyes and take some nourishment, but is yet badly bruised and shaken up. Mr. Barber, although badly hurt, was not so seriously injured as his wife, and both fortunately are now considered out of danger. After freeing itself from the rig the horse ran home and their son, C. H. Barber, at once started down the road where he found his parents at the place where the accident occurred, in the condition as stated. The occupants of the Fahrney rig were also thrown out and quite badly injured and were taken to the Simons house where they received medical attendance, and the next day were taken to their homes.
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