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Biographical Sketch for
Andrew Sleuman Family

Andrew Sleuman--+  +--William H.----------+
                |  |                      |
                +--+  Ann-----------------+
                |  |
Susan-----------+  +--John F.-------------+  +--Frances E.
                   |                      +--+
                   |  Sarah Hastings------+  +--Helen E.
                   +--Andrew Currin-------+  +--Mary A.
                                          +--+--Hannah R.
                      Abigail G. Dowst----+  +--Sarah E.
                                             +--Harriett M.

Andrew Sleuman

We have seen this name also spelled Sluman and Sherman. Born about 1790 (1793?) in Salem, Mass. Son of Andrew and Mary Elkins Sleuman (married in 1786) of Salem, Mass. Married Susanna Goss on January 3, 1815, at Marblehead, Essex, Mass. See tree above for children. Bought land from federal government. Moved to Waukegan, Ill. Cooper.

Susanna Goss

Born about 1790 (1791?) in Mass., the daughter of William and Susanna Grandy Goss. Married Andrew Sleuman on January 3, 1815, at Marblehead, Essex, Mass.

Children of Andrew and Susan Sleuman

William H.

Born about 1822 in Mass. Married Ann, before 1851.

John F.

Born about 1829 in Mass. Married Sarah Hastings on July 7, 1852. Children: Frances E., born on August 30, 1855, married James Paulen on August 29, 1873; Helen E., born on May 28 (19?), 1860, died on February 6, 1869. They lived in Waukegan, where he was a clerk. Served as Corporal of Company D Illinois 96th during Civil War. Died February 18, 1863, during the war.


Born about 1838 in Mass.

Andrew Currin

Born on July 8, 1816, at Salem, Mass. Carriage maker. Married Abigail G. Dowst on September 29, 1839. She was born on February 22, 1818, in Massachusetts, the daughter of Samuel Dowst and Hannah Goss. She died on December 27, 1894, at age seventy-six, at Waukegan, Illinois (obituary). This family resided in Waukegan according to the 1850 census. Children. Died on December 27, 1894, at Waukegan, Illinois.

Children of Andrew Currin and Abigail G. Dowst Sluman

Mary A.

Middle initial may have been an E. Born about 1844 (1839?) in Mass. Married Charles E. Webb on November 14, 1888, in Lake County, Illinois. Seamstress and dressmaker. Moved to Marinette, Wisconsin.

Hannah R.

Born on February 16, 1845, in Illinois. Married
Benjamin Willard Ames on October 1, 1873, in Lake County, Illinois. Children. She was a seamstress. She died on October 26, 1897 (obituary).

Sarah E.

Born about 1845 in Mass. Married Lewis Crabtree on September 27, 1876, in Lake County, Illinois. Children: Charles. Lived in Waukegan, Illinois.


Born about 1848 in Mass.


Born about 1851 in Illinois. Moved to Chicago, Illinois.


May have been Nettie. Born in 1859 in Illinois. Died in 1922.

Harriett M.

Known as Hattie. Born on April 11, 1862, in Illinois. Married George Daniel Lewis on June 22, 1892. Children. Moved to Chicago, Illinois. Died on March 3, 1900.
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