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Biographical Sketch for
Homer Jamison Family

Emma Ranyard-----------+
Homer Eugene Jamison---+
                       +--+--Vida E.----------------+  +--Homer
                       |  |                         |  |
Mathilda J. Davis------+  |                         +--+
                          |                         |  |
                          |  George Raymond White---+  +--Robert

Emma Ranyard

Married Homer E. Jamison about February 27, 1886. Died in childbirth.

Dr. Homer Eugene Jamison, M.D.

Born August 6, 1858, at Brighton, in Kenosha Co., Wisconsin. Son of John Stickles and Mathilda Weaver Jamison, both of New York. John was born in Columbia County on October 16, 1828, married Mathilda Weaver on September 25, 1857, and died on March 12, 1907. Mathilda Weaver was born August 11, 1832, in New York, and died October 3, 1910, in Millburn (obituary). She is buried in Libertyville. John and Mathilda settled in Libertyville, Illinois. Married Emma Ranyard about February 27, 1886. He was a school teacher at Antioch, Ill. Emma died during childbirth. Enrolled in medical school and became a doctor. Married Mathilda Jane Davis on June 10 (22?), 1893 (coverage). She had lived at Diamond Lake. See tree above for children. Progressive. Introduced inoculation in the area. Brought surgeon in for first appendix operation in the area. Had delco light plant. Built telephone company and had switchboard in office. Had a fire fighting apparatus. Died 1935. (photos available: 1892).

Dr. Jamison had a sister, Florence Mary (born February 17, 1860), who married William J. Seavey, who lived in Libertyville, Illinois, on April 25, 1883. The Seaveys later went to Granada. Colorado. A brother George Benton was born October 10, 1870, married Estella Hoyt on September 12, 1894, and settled at Cherry Valley, Illinois.

Mathilda Jane Davis

Known as "Mattie". Born December 25, 1866. Married Homer E. Jamison on June 10 (22?), 1893. Ran telephone switchboard. Died August 3, 1937.

Children of Homer E. and Mathilda J. Davis Jamison

Vida E.

Born December 27, 1896 (95?). Married
George Raymond White on October 24, 1917. Children: Homer David, born August 13, 1918, married Ruth Boysen on November 15, 1941, died October 18, 1995; Robert Cecil, born March 3, 1921, moved to Zenda, Wis. Moved to Walworth County, Wis, in 1945. Died May 11, 1971, at age 75 (obituary).


Born January 23, 1909, at Millburn. Physically disabled. School teacher at Lake Villa. Trained as a dietician. Died August 1, 1961 (obituary).
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