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Newspaper Clippings for
November, 1881

from Gazette12 November 1881
The Millburn Literary Association was duly organized last week and starts out with very flattering prospects. It held its first session for entertainment this Tuesday evening, was well attended and the exercises very interesting.

Geo. Strang, Jr. is moving this week into the rooms under Hughes Hall.

We understand John Bain, Jr. moves from town into Mr. Rice's house.

We are glad to welcome back Mr. Hockaday's family

James McGuire, who carried on Mr. Hockaday's farm during his absence, has bought a place at Hickory and has moved there.

Work has come to a stand-still for the church, as it is impossible to get carpenters either here or in town to do the job.

Business among our merchants seems quite lively and active this Fall.

Mrs. Geo. Strang, Sr., is visiting relatives in Minnesota. She will be absent three or four weeks.

Miss Jan Hunter, who went through a very dangerous surgical operation successfully in Chicago in the Spring, is now lying very sick at the residence of her grandmother, Mrs. Wm. McCredie. B

from Gazette26 November 1881
A new iron fence in front of Dr. Taylor's residence is one of the improvements on the place. Mr. G. L. Stewart's bay window that is being built this week on the east side of the house is another. Who makes the next?

Rumor says a certain young man of this place will need a home of his own before long, but we shall see.

As work on the inside of the church has commenced, services on Thanksgiving day and next Sabbath will be held in Hughes Hall.

Henry Bater left last week for a visit to his mother and friends, near Boston.

Two funerals took place from the church last Saturday, Miss McCredie and her niece, Miss Hunter dying within twenty four hours of each other. Six deaths have occurred in this family within a year, entirely breaking up the Grandfather's family. It leaves, of necessity many sad hearts.

The Millburn Constellation, a spicy little paper published by the Millburn Literary Association, issued its first number Tuesday evening, and reflected much credit on the editors, Mr. Stanford and Miss Watson, their efforts being in every way worthy of the commendation they received.

Hon. James Pollock returned from a trip to Springfield, the first of the week. B.

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