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Newspaper Clippings for
July, 1916

Antioch News6 July 1916
Mrs Erma Strang, aged 50 years, of Millburn, died at 9 o'clock Tuesday morning of this week. She had spent the winter in California, returning home about three weeks ago, at that time seeming to be in the best of health. The following day she did not feel well and lay down on the bed. She lost consciousness and remained in a state of como up to the time of her death. It is believed she suffered a stroke of paralysis. She leaves three children, two sons and a daughter. The funeral was held on Thursday at 1:30 o'clock at the house, burial in Millburn cemetery.
The deceased was a sister of Leola Hughes of this village.

Robert Bonner of Chicago is visiting home folks.

Miss Belle Watson is visiting at Niagara Falls.

John Roberts of Chicago is visiting Mrs. J. Jamieson.

Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Martin motored to Lincoln Park Sunday.

Mrs. Ralph Faylor and sons of Lily Lake are visiting her father.

D. M. White and Jesse Denman transacted business in Zion City Monday.

Norman Adams of Chicago Lawn spent part of his vacation with relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Meade of Grayslake and friends were Millburn visitors Friday.

The barn dance, given by Arthur Clark Friday night was well attended and a good time enjoyed.

Mrs. Minnetta McGuire and daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Denmand and daughter spent over Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Denman at Wilmette.

Antioch News13 July 1916
Miss Madge Strang is improving very fast.

W. B. Stewart and wife spent Monday and Tuesday in Waukegan.

Misses Vida Jamieson and Ruth Pollock were in Chicago Thursday.

A wedding this week at the home of Mr. Truax, when his daughter will be married.

Many from Waukegan, Antioch and Lake Villa attended the funeral of Mrs. R. L. Strang.

They expect to have Children's day July 22, the same day when the church will be opened.

Norman Adams and family motored from Chicago Lawn Saturday remaining until Sunday.

Mrs. Ward Bain of Racine and Mrs. Mavor of Chicago attended the funeral of Mrs. Erma Strang Thursday.

Mrs. Hughes and Mr. and Mrs. Russ Douglas have returned to their home in Lake Villa, having spent several weeks with Mrs. Strang during her illness.

Antioch News20 July 1916
Ralph Spafford is Victim of Accident
While Driving Home in His Ford
When the large audience which had been listening to the Saturday afternoon program at the Chautauqua tent, left the grounds about four-thirty o'clock, one of the most enthusiastic among them was Ralph Spafford, the well known piano salesman and tuner, who for a number of years has made his home in this village. He spoke pleasantly to friends as he left town and stepping into his auto he started for his home in the north end of the village. Less than thirty minutes later, like the bursting of a bomb, word was passed about that he had met a tragic death on the Soo Line tracks, within forty rods of his home. At first the story could scarcely be credited but it was all too true.
As he started for home he asked a young lady who was one of his neighbors to ride and she accepted the invitation. As they came to her home just before they reached the crossing Mr. Spafford stopped the car for her to get out, and then apparently not noticing the approach of the south bound passenger train, due here at 4:36, which on that particular day was somewhat late, he started on toward home. Just what was in his mind at the time will never be known. Did he fail to see the train? Did he try to beat it? Did he miscalculate its distance or its speed? Are questions unanswered. At any rate as the auto was squarely upon the track it was struck by the swiftly oncoming train. Together with a part of the machine he was carried on the pilot of the engine for several hundred feet before the train could be brought to a stand still. He was hastily placed on a cot aboard the train and brought to the depot. A physician was summoned but it only took one glance to see that death had been instantaneous. His skull was fractured, his neck broken and a gash was cut in the throat, one leg was also badly cut. The body was taken to the undertaking rooms and the coroner was notified.
The machine which was a Ford touring car was completely demolished in fact it was literaly ground to bits.
An inquest was held Monday forenoon at eleven o'clock with Coroner Taylor presiding. Engineer Purcel, fireman Colburn and Claim Agent for the Soo Line, Mr. Harrington were also present.
The verdict returned by the jury was accidental death, but they censured the railroad company for not having more protection at the crossing.
Mr. Spafford was very well known at Millburn which was his home until he came to Antioch to reside some ten years ago. He was a member of the Antioch M. E. church and took an active part in all its work. He gave freely of his musical talent and was rarely absent from his place in the choir.
His wife, who was formerly Miss Lillie Hancock of this Village passed away June 18, 1914, and since that time he has devoted himself to careing for his little son Ralph, who is now between five and six years of age.
He is also survived by his mother, Mrs. M. Spafford of Millburn, three brothers Arthur H., of Ocala, Fla., Sumner M., of Denver, Colo., Alfred G., of Chicago, and three sisters, Mrs. Emma Hughes of Peru, Ill., Mrs. Lucy Mersells of Millburn and Mrs. Maude Mitchell of Waukegan.
The funeral services were held at the M. E. church Tuesday afternoon at two o'clock and were attended by a large gathering of relatives and friends. The remains were laid at rest in the Hillside cemetery.

Will Start Damage Suit
James G. Welch of Waukegan, has been retained by relatives of the late Ralph Spafford to take steps toward the beginning of a damage suit against the Soo Line company. Mr. Welch was present at the inquest but witnesses to the accident were not called upon to testify at that time, it being decided to reserve their testimony for the damage suit.
In returning the open verdict the jury recommended that the railroad proceed at once to safeguard the crossing by the installation of gates.

Miss Jessie Cannon is visiting friends in Desplaines this week.

Many from here attended the Chautauqua at Antioch last week.

Mrs. Olive Webb is entertaining her cousin, Miss Stella Shea of Waukegan.

Miss Josephine Bidwell of Gurnee spent the week end with Mrs. C. E. Denman.

Miss Helen Safford returned home on Thursday from Wheaton and various places in Wisconsin.

Thorton Willoughby, one of the Orpet jurymen returned home Saturday glad to be able to get to work again.

Mrs. R. L. Wheaton and sons of Wheaton, Ill., will spend a few weeks with her parents at the parsonage.

Mrs. E. N. Cannon and Elma have returned from Nebraska after spending three weeks with her parents.

Married July 12, at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. A. M. Truax, Miss Etta V. Backus and Mr. Elmo Pratt both of Chicago, Rev. Safford officiating. Congratulations.

It was a great shock to the community when word of the sudden death of Ralph Spafford reached here Saturday. His mother and sister from LaSalle arrived here Sunday. Mrs. Mitchell and children of Waukegan and brothers from the west are expected.

The Ladies Missionary society of Millburn will hold their annual "Missionary Tea" at the church Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 2, beginning at 2:30 and they cordially invite their friends from Antioch, Lake Villa, Grayslake and Waukegan to come and help them enjoy a good time. Speaker of the day, Mrs. Geo A. Rogers of Chicago. Her topic "The Missionary Spirit." Supper committee: Mrs. Jas. Bonner, Mrs. W. B. Stewart, Mrs. Mabel Young, and Mrs. Eugene Clark.

Antioch News27 July 1916
Wm. Finley of Lake Forest is visiting the Bonner's.

Miss Vida Jamieson has recovered from the mumps.

The chicken pox and dutch measles are in this vicinity.

Misses Ida and Madge Strang were in Chicago the past week.

Mrs. Nellie Corris and children of Russell spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bonner.

Many from here attended Hickory church Sunday evening when the Zion choir was there.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Bonner on July 22, a son. Mother and baby are doing nicely.

The Missionary Tea and Thanks offering will be held at the church, Aug. 2. A good program has been prepared Miss Nellie McDougal, president.

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