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Newspaper Clippings for
February, 1905

Antioch News2 February 1905
Mr. Monasmith, of Chicago, filled the pulpit again last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. White have been to Springfield on a visit.

Earnest White entertained a few friends at his home last week.

Mr. Peter Strang is very sick with pneumonia.

H. B. Tower and Mrs. Geo. Gerrity are recovering from the grippe.

Dr. Peter Farhney's sale bills are out advertising his sale to take place Feb. 15.

The C. E. business meeting will meet Mrs. R. L. Strang on Friday evening. Feb. 10.

Dr. John McDougall, of Antioch, was called to see a very sick colt of C. E. Denman's.

A few of the Young people attended the installation of the Modern Woodmen and Royal Neighbors at Gurnee last Friday night.

C. E. topic, Feb. 5--"What I owe to Christian Endeavor. (Christian Endeavor.Day.) Mrs. Erma Strang, leader.

Rev. A. W. Safford, of Bowmanville, has accepted the call of the Congregational church of Millburn and will move here the 1st of March. Mr. Safford will preach here next Sunday, Feb. 5.

The Ladies Missionary society will meet at the home of Mrs. Robert Strang, on Thursday afternoon, Feb. 2. The ladies are to tell the experience they had in earning a dollar.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 2 February 1905
Mrs. Odem has been very sick the last two weeks.

John Marks had a sale Tuesday. He has lived on Hanna Smith's farm the last two years. He will move to Michigan. The tide of emigration seems to be towards the great "Peach country."

Peter Strang has a severe attack of pneumonia. Dr. Jamieson is attending him.

Ernest White, Secretary of the Farmer's Institute and his father went to Grayslake Tuesday to attend the Institute.

A recent letter from Mrs. John M. Strang from Havana, Cuba, gives some interesting account of the customs and people of that country. Instead of screens at the doors and windows, they have in bars to keep out files, chickens run loose in grocery stores and men go to market with a pig under each arm.

Mr. N. D. Pratt is expected here a week from next Sunday.

Rev. Mr. Safford will begin his pastoral work here the first of March.

James Jamieson has been under the doctor's care a few days recently.

Rev. Mr. Smith of Chicago preached here last Sunday morning and evening.

Died, in Washington, D. C., Jan. 9th, 1905, Mrs. Sarah White North, wife of Judge J. M. North of Boulder, Col. Mrs. North was a daughter of Andrew and Sarah White of Millburn and was raised here. She taught school in Waukegan many years ago. She went west and taught in Boulder, where she married Judge North. She leaves a daughter, woman grown, also a son twenty-one years of age, Caroline and Fred. Her aged mother survives her. She makes her home with her son, Andrew White of Lyons, Neb.

Antioch News9 February 1905
Having decided to quit farming I will sell at public auction on the N. Thayer farm 3 miles east of Loon Lake, on Tuesday, Feb. 21, at 9:30 a. m., the following described property: 1 black mare 10 years old, wt 1360, 1 black gelding, 5 years old, wt 1400, 1 black gelding, 5 years old, coach, wt 1140, 1 sorrel mare, 6 years old, 1 span mules, 7 new milch cows, 5 cows with calves by side, 8 springers, 1 Swiss bull, 2 years old, 1 Hereford bull, 1 year old, 1 Deering grain binder, 1 Deering corn Harvester, 1 bob sleigh, buggy pole, grind stone, 1 Osborn hay rake, 2 shovel cultivators, 1 spring tooth cultivator, 1 one-horse cultivator, Keystone corn planter, Hoosier seeder, pulverizer, sulky plow, 2 John Deere walking plows, 1 Bradley walking plow, 1 3-section steel drag, 1 2- section wood drag, Hocking Valley corn sheller, faning mill, 600- lbs. scale, lumber wagon, 1 3-in. truck wagon, 1 4-in. truck wagon, 2 hay racks, 1 set dump boards, tank heater, single milk wagon, double milk wagon, top buggy, road cart, wheel-barrow, 160 ft. good hay rope, (all tools and wagons as good as new), 25 milk cans, 20 gal. jar, 2 barrels vinegar, 20 bu. potatoes, 3 barrels apples, 8 bu. seed corn, 300 bu. ear corn in crib, 500 bu. choice seed oats, 40 tons tame hay, 4 stacks corn, 1 brood sow, 8 shoats, 2 hog troughs, watering trough, 80 chickens, 3 sets work harness, 1/2 set work harness, 2 sets single harness, 36 grain bags, all household goods and many other articles too numerous to mentions. Lunch at noon. Usual terms.
Jens Simonsen, Prop.
Geo. Vogel, Auctioneer.
Will White, Clerk.

Miss Lucie Trotter went to Evanston Saturday for a two week's visit.

Mr. A. W. Safford preached here last Sunday.

C. E. business meeting with Mrs. R. L. Strang on Friday evening.

Miss Kittie Smith was in Chicago on business last Wednesday.

C. E. topic, Feb. 12--"Christ a servant; and we are servants." Leslie Cannon, leader.

Mrs. R. L. Strang will entertain the Ladies Aid society on Thursday afternoon, Feb. 9.

Mrs. C. B. Cummings and son Clarence came out Saturday to see her mother Mrs. Smith.

Horace Tower, of Englewood, is attending school at the Dodge school He is staying with his uncle, H. B. Tower.

The ladies of Missionary society earned eighteen dollars, and each one read their poem.

The McDougall family attended a dinner party given in honor of their brother, Dr. John McDougall's birthday, in Antioch on Saturday, Jan. 28.

Mr. and Mrs. John Bonner spent last Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Cummings and attended the Farmer's Institute on Friday in Waukegan.

Elmer Pollock, James Pollock, Earnest White, Wm. White, Mr. and Mrs. Denman, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McGuire, Mrs. John Bonner, Vivien Bonner and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Dodge attended the Farmers Institute at Grayslake.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 13 February 1905
Rev. A. W. Safford preached here Sunday.

Mrs. R. L. Strang entertains the Ladies Aid society Thursday, Feb. 9, 1905.

Miss Lucie Trotter has gone to Evanston for a two weeks' visit.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Denman, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McGuire, Vivien Bonner, Wm. White and Ernest White attended the Farmers Institute at Grayslake.

Miss H. L. Smith was in Chicago Wednesday.

Mrs. C. B. Cummings spent Saturday with her mother and sister.

C. E. Business meeting at Mrs. R. L. Strang's Friday evening, Feb. 10.

Mr. and Mrs. John Bonner spent Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Cummings and attended the Farmers Institute Friday.

C. E. Topics, Feb. 12, Christ a Servant and we are Servants. Leslie Cannon leader.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 16 February 1905
Excitement Created at Auction Sale at Millburn
Another Thrown over a Fence
Nobody Seriously Hurt-Biggest Sale Ever Held in Co.
Yesterday a wild cow caused a panic in the largest crowd of farmers that has ever assembled at an auction sale in Lake county.
It took place at the Fahrney farm near Millburn, where yesterday the well known farmer, auctioned off all of the farm implements and stock of the big farm. It is estimated that there were at least five hundred farmers present, coming from all parts of the county despite the almost impassable roads.
The farmers had just gathered about the barn to look at the stock which was being shown in a large ring and the whole bunch of farmers were eagerly watching the exhibits. A dehorned cow which had been seen kicking in its stall for a short time was brought to the gate and turned loose. The men then saw what more closely resembled a bull fight than many of them ever hope to see again.
No sooner had the cow been released than she lowered her head and started through the crowd. The _____ meek and mild cow was ____ bounding along with terrific force, it changed the crowd. The men were packed into a crowd "like sardines in a box" and, with their heavy fur coats on, they were handicapped. They tried to avoid the animal but the men in the front row no sooner got out of the way than the animal had reached the rear ranks. The men in the latter part of the crowd could not see the animal coming until she had reached them and accordingly many of them "felt" her.
One man from Waukegan had a free ride on the enraged cow. It was Frank Ingalls, the livery man. He was standing in the front row when the cow charged ahead. She caught him squarely on her head and though he tried to get away, he was unable to and thus, with his legs sprawled across her head, he was carried along for a half block. He finally managed to work himself from the uncomfortable and dangerous position and dropped to the ground. He was unhurt.
The cow, undaunted, kept on in its mad plunges. It caught a farmer just as he was about to leap a fence to get out of her way. He had just started to leap the fence when the animal's head hit him. He was knocked over the fence and into the snow a distance of about twenty feet away. It is said that his leg was quite seriously hurt and he also had to eat his lunch from a "mantle piece" for the remainder of the day. Other men were scared so badly that they were uninterested in the auction for the remainder of the day.
It is said that the crowd at the auction eclipsed any ever seen gathered at a similar event in Lake county. One man said there were at least 500 rigs present and that the number of farmers exceeded that a great deal.
The prices which various kinds of goods brought were remarkably high, the horses especially bringing fancy prices.

Antioch News16 February 1905
Twenty below zero last Monday morning.

Peter Strang, who has been very sick with pneumonia, has recovered.

Mrs. W. B. Stewart is wrestling with the grippe.

It is reported that Wm. White has rented his farm.

Mrs. Charles Ames is seriously ill, she has been ailing for some time.

Mrs. Strang entertained about fifty persons at the Aid Society last Thursday.

There was no Christian Endeavor or preaching service last Sunday evening.

Clarence Bock, of Libertyville, called in Millburn last Sunday.

Mr. Monasmith preached here last Sunday.

C. E. Denman lost two nice colts in the course of a week.

Mr. and Mrs. Kosier, of Washington, are visiting the Thom's and other friends.

A Song service was given over the South Side telephone line last Sunday evening.

A. H. Stewart has purchased D. B. Taylor's home and we are very glad, for now we know they are to stay with us.

C. E. Topic, Feb. 19--Glorifying God in our Home. Bertha White, leader.

A subscription paper is going around raising money for improving the Millburn Congregational church.

A. K. Bain and K. L. Smith have made a trade, which will not take effect till the first of April.

N. D. Pratt will be here next Sunday and will talk on D. L. Moody. In the evening he will conduct a song service, consisting of Moody and Sanky hymns.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 17 February 1905
Peter Strang who has been very ill with pneumonia, has recovered.

James Thom was home last week.

Mrs. W. B. Stewart has the grippe.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sheppard, February 13, a daughter.

A. K. Bain and K. L. Smith have made a trade to take effect the 1st of April.

Mrs. Shea attended a party at Taylor Grove last Tuesday.

Clarence Bock, of Libertyville, spent Sunday in Millburn.

Arthur Clark gave a progressive euchre party at Young's Hall Friday evening. The first prizes were awarded to Mrs. Geo. Gerrity and J. A. Strang and the second prizes to Mary Eichinger and Mr. James Jamieson.

C. E. Topic February 19, Glorifying God in our Home. Bertha White, leader.

Mr. and Mrs. Kosler, of Washington are visiting with the Thom's and other friends.

Mrs. Charles Ames is very ill.

Mrs. Strang entertained, about fifty at the Aid last Thursday.

There was no Christian Endeavor or any service last Sunday evening.

C. E. Denman lost two nice colts within a week.

Mr. Monasmith preached here last Sunday.

N. D. Pratt will fill the pulpit next Sunday and will talk on D. L. Moody, in the evening Mr. Pratt will conduct a song service and will sing the Moody and Sankey hymns.

Antioch News23 February 1905
Little Ralph Dodge is very ill.

Mr. Ocker and family are making preparations to move to their home at Polo, Ill.

Miss Carrie Bater has recovered from an attack of quinsy.

A. W. Fletcher and Wm. Truman of Highland Park attended Dr. Farney's sale.

Bruce Stephens was home on Lincolns birthday.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shepard on Monday, Feb. 13, a daughter.

On account of bad roads and weather Mr. Pratt did not come here last Sunday.

G. B. Stephens attended the state convention of supervisors at Galesburg from Tuesday to Friday of last week.

Edith VanAlstine, Clarence Wedge, Helen Cannon and Mrs. Ames are on the sick list.

Have you been sleigh riding? Have you had a tip? are the questions of the day.

C. E. topic, Feb. 26, Heroes of home missions, what they teach us. Minnetta Denman, leader.

Dr. and Mrs. Jamieson gave a party at their home last Friday evening. About thirty young people were present and were royally entertained with music and games. A fine repast was served which was enjoyed by all.

Having sold my farm I will sell at public auction on the A. K. Bain farm at Millburn on Wednesday, March 1, at 1 o'clock the following property: 4 choice milch cows, 1 springer, one 12 year old mare sired by Mohawk King, in foal by Electrol Morrel, new 15- ft cut Deering mower, two-horse cultivator, set of steel drags, 14- in, John Deer stubble plow, light wagon, pair of trucks, hay rake, wood rack, hay rack, single harness, Cyclone grass seeder, hay fork, rope, pulleys and carrier, set of 3-horse whiffletrees, stack of corn fodder, stack of tame hay, 50 oak posts, 150 feet of 48-in. wire fencing, new, lawn mower, 2 milk cans, 3 dozen full-blood white Wyandottes, 1 gobbler, 3 bu. seed corn, incubator. Usual terms, 2 per cent off for cash.
A. K. Bain, Prop.
Chase Webb, Auctioneer.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 28 February 1905
Mr. Roy Hughes spent Sunday at home.

Mr. Geo. I. Strang and a friend from Marshfield, Wis, spent Sunday with Mrs. Geo. Strang.

Mr. J. L. Stewart of St. Paul spent the week with relatives in Millburn and vicinity.

Miss Carrie Bater has been confined to the house the past week with quinsy.

Rev. Mr. Safford will come to Millburn permanently March 1st.

Owning to the weather and conditions of the roads it was thought best to have no minister from the city last Sunday. George W. Dodge read a sermon in the morning and there was no evening service. N. D. Pratt will have charge of the services next Sunday. Song service in the evening.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 28 February 1905
Ralph Dodge is rapidly improving.

Miss Maud Holland of Waukegan is visiting with Mrs. John Trotter and Mabel and Sadie Irving.

Mr. M. H. Sage moved to Waukegan last week.

Mr. Armour is moving on Mr. Sage's farm.

David Young has been visiting at Lake Forest and Chicago.

Mr. John Stewart of Minneapolis, Minn. visited here last week with his brothers and sisters.

C. E. topics, March 5. The Making of a Christian, his speech. Carrie Barter leader.

A large number attended the euchre party given by James Jameson at Young's hall last Friday night, Feb. 24. Miss Armour and Geo. Gerrity were awarded first prizes and Mrs. Geo. Gerrity and Horace H. Tower received the second prizes.

Lucie Trotter returned Monday night from her visit in Evanston

Mrs. Croply is in Grayslake staying with Mrs. Moore.

The song service which was conducted by Mr. Pratt last Sunday evening was appreciated by all present. The songs were jubilee songs.

E. A. Martin was in Chicago last Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Armour gave a card party and dance at their home on the Waterbury farm last Monday night, previous to moving on the Sage farm. A large number was there and all reported a fine time.

After several months wandering through the lumber camps in the north, Jeppie Jepson is back to Millburn again.

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