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Newspaper Clippings for
October, 1901

from a Waukegan paper 4 October 1901
Mrs. J. M. Strang went to the city Monday for a few days' visit with Mrs. Wm. Mavor and family.

Miss Anderson has gone to Lake Forest to atend the wedding of her nephew Joe Anderson.

Miss Carrie Bater has gone to Richmond to visit her friend Mrs. Hunter.

John Wedge's new barn is now completed. Mr. Wedge is gaining every day.

The ladies' aid society meets with Mrs. White Thursday for dinner.

Frank and Walter Lucas who have been on the Ingalls farm the last two years will soon move to the Thorn farm formerly owned by the late Dan Harmon.

John Thain has recovered from his recent illness and is now able to be out again.

Mrs. Lawrence went to Gurnee Saturday to visit her sister Mrs. Geo. Low

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Lewis and two children have been at their uncle Robert McDougall's the last four weeks. The youngest child has just recovered from scarlet fever.

The ladies' missionary society met with Robert Strang Wednesday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Mitchell have a young son about a week old.

Mrs. Trotter was sick in bed last week with an attack of sciatic rheumatism.

Mr. and Mrs. James Robertson and children came Saturday to visit at Geo. Duncan's. They returned to Lake Forest Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Taylor, son of Dr. Taylor, have a young son, a week or two old.

Mrs. John A. Strang has recovered from the serious effects of falling on a rusty nail with one knee. She was in bed for a few days last week.

from a Waukegan paper 11 October 1901

Mr. and Mrs. Will Stewart, Miss Kittie Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Mathews all started for Buffalo last Saturday night. Miss Helen Cordiner of Poinette, Wis., joined then in the city.

Mr. and Mrs. Bates of Englewood were guests of Al. Stewart's Sunday.

Mamie Trotter went back to the city Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Cannon visited friends in Chicago.

Mr. and Mrs. Wentworth went to the city Wednesday to attend the Joe Jefferson family reunion. Mrs. Wentworth is a sister of Mrs. Jefferson.

Miss Katie Vandevere and her father were out a few days last week.

Mrs. G. L. Stewart and Mrs. Dr. Geo. Wheeler of Waukegan were visitors at Mrs. Wm. White's Tuesday.

The new bridge across the creek is now done except the filling in on each side.

Jessie Strang and Lucy Spafford were sent as delegates to the C. E. Convention held at Danville, Ill., last week.

The ladies met at Mrs. Bater's Thursday to sew for the festival.

The first entertainment of the three will be given Saturday Oct. 19.

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Strang were at Wm. Wedge's at Grayslake last Sunday.

Mrs. Archie McCreddie had a slight stroke of paralysis recently but is said to be improving.

Geo. Miller's little girl is quite sick with inflamatory rheumatism. Mr. Miller is able to be up and gaining but not able yet to do any hard work.

loose clipping, source unknown 14 October 1901
The marriage of Flora Maud Kerr, daughter of Emily Kerr, and Clifford Grant Nelson, was solemnized at the Lake Villa M. E. church on Thursday, Oct. 17, at 2:30 p. m., Rev. O. S. Gard officiating. The church was beautifully decorated in autumn leaves and ferns. The bridal party entered the church to the strains of the wedding march played by Lucile Page, of Honey Creek, and the ceremony was performed under an arch of autumn leaves and ferns. Miss Olive Nelson, sister of the groom, was maid of honor; the Misses Mabel and Martha Richards acted as bride's maids, and Bertha Harbaugh was the little flower girl; Horace Nelson was best man, Wilbur Blackford, Lafayette Allen, Charles Harbaugh and Rich Manzer, ushers. The bride was given in marriage by her uncle, James Kerr. The bride's dress was white silk mull over white satin and she carried bride's roses. The maid of honor and bride's maids wore white batiste and carried white carnations. A reception was held at the residence to the relatives and a few intimate friends. The bride and groom left on the evening train for Waukesha and spent a week in New London and are now at home in Lake Villa where they have gone to housekeeping. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson are both favorably known in Lake county. Mrs. Nelson has lived in Lake Villa the most of her life and is an highly accomplished young lady and is loved by all who know her. Mr. Nelson is the second son of H. J. Nelson of this place and is a young man of splendid habits, industrious and commands the respect of all. Their many friends join in wishing them long life and happiness.

from Antioch News17 October 1901
The Lake County Semi-Annual Christian Endeavor Convention will be held at Ivanhoe Saturday, Oct. 26, all day and evening. Everybody should attend. Lucy Spafford, Co. Sec'y.

Come one, come all, to the Millburn church Saturday evening, Oct. 19th to a musical treat given by twelve selected musicians, including three lady violinists from the Chicago orchestra, under the direction of Prof. C. A. Korten. This is a rare opportunity to see a first-class entertainment for 25 cents, children 15c.

from the Waukegan Daily Sun 21 October 1901
Mr. and Mrs. Dodge went to Rochester to see their two girls who are attending school there.

The ladies will meet at Miss Anderson's Thursday to sew for the festival.

Mrs. Emma Strong and Miss Eleanor McDougal are to be sent as delegates to represent this church at the A. M. Association to held the 22nd of Oct. at Oak Park.

George Duncan has rented Mr. Chapes farm and will take possession in Nov.

Mrs. Hockaday of Waukegan visited at Mrs. Baters a few days last week.

Miss Gostek of Windsor Park is the guest of her aunt, Jessie Thom.

Eugene Clark has rented Jessie Strangs farm and will soon take possession.

Robert McDougal has been away on a visit the past week.

J. M. and Robert Strong were in Chicago on business Tuesday. Robert will run the store while John M. is away during the winter.

Mrs. Pantall will start Thursday for Buffalo, in company with Mrs. Norman Adams.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strong sr., returned from Somers, Wis.

from Antioch News24 October 1901
E. A. Martin was in Chicago Wednesday.

And the new factory has resumed business.

I heard some one say it should be spelt with an A.

Col. Lewis R. Dyer is visiting the Wentworth's.

What has become of the old correspondent from Millburn.

Miss Gertie Mavor, of Chicago, is visiting Mrs. J. M. Strang.

C. B. Cummings and John Bonner took in the State Fair at Springfield.

Ed Martin attended the final matinee at Druces Lake Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Frank Wentworth is in Chicago visiting her daughter, Mrs. A. L. Brown.

The new steel bridge over the Strang river, at the east end of the village, is a great improvement.

It is an even bet the Herb. Mathews saw more at the Pan-American than any one who has visited it.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strang returned last Monday having been absent for weeks visiting relatives and friends.

Mrs. Richard Pantall and Mrs. Norman Adams left Thursday morning for a week's visit to the Pan-American at Buffalo.

Mr. J. M. Strang, Mrs. N. E. Jamison and Miss Carrie Bater were in Chicago Wednesday and took in Rip Van Winkle.

Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Herb Mathews and Miss Kittie L. Smith have returned from a week's visit to the Pan-American at Buffalo.

The concert given at the church Saturday evening by the Chicago orchestra and local talent was a grand success; the attendance was very large, S. R. O. Hope they will come again.

The Physical Culture Society have gone into mourning over the absence of its President, Miss Alice Judson, but will soon reorganize with Mrs. Irma Strang as President and Miss Carrie Bater as Secretary.

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