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Biographical Sketch for
Harris Family

Sheldon Alonzo Harris--+  +--Walter Allen
                       |  |
                       +--+--Edward A.
                       |  |
Marie Andre------------+  +--Ralphe A.------------+
                          |                       |
                          |  Irma Melius----------+
                          +--Jessie Amy-----------+  +--Harris
                          |                       +--+
                          |  W. G. Thom-----------+  +--Alex
                             George White Dodge---+

Rev. Sheldon Alonzo Harris

Born February 02, 1852, at Kinsway Creek, Penn. Came to Chicago, Illinois when 13. Married Marie Andre on September 04, 1869. See tree above for children. Began study to become a minister in 1876. Ordained a minister in 1883. Moved to Millburn in 1893 to become pastor of Millburn Congregational Church. While minister, began a local savings and loan. Left town, leaving unpaid his local investors. Expelled from Millburn Church. Died July 18, 1929, buried in Millburn Cemetery (obituary).

Marie Andre

Born February, 1851. Married Sheldon Alonzo Harris on September 04, 1869. Died 1932, buried in Millburn.

Children of Sheldon Alonzo and Marie Andre Harris

Walter Allen

Died in infancy.

Rev. Edward A.

Born April 18, 1871. Lived in Chicago. Died July 1, 1930, buried in Millburn. In same burial plot is Violet F. Harris (relationship unknown), born July 14, 1903, died April 23, 1965.

Rev. Ralphe A.

Born May, 1882. Married March 2, 1911, at Peoria to Irma Melius. Minister at North Prairie, Illinois. Lived at Oak Park, Illinois.

Jessie Amy

Born July 23, 1875. Married W. G. Thom about November 4, 1899. Children: Harris; Alex.


Born July 23, 1877, in Chicago. Married George White Dodge on March 11, 1903, in Dwight, Ill. Children: School teacher in area schools. Died in 1961. (photo available: 1915).
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