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Biographical Sketch for
Thom Family

William G. Thom--+  +--Andrew--------------+
                 |  |                      |
                 +--+  Cora E. Hauxhurst---+
                 |  |
Helen Gardener---+  |
                    +--William G.----------+  +--Harris
                    |                      +--+
                    |  Jessie Amy Harris---+  +--Alex
                    |                      |
                    |  John Oscar Neikirk--+
                    +--James A.------------+  +--Franklin William
                    |                      +--+--Jeanne
                    |  Blanche M. Yule-----+  +--James Gardener
                    |                         +--Katherine
                    |                         +--Paul Harvey
                    +--Edwin---------------+  +--Lillian
                       Ina Cornwall--------+  +--(boy)

William G. Thom

Read biographical sketch written in 1891.

Born April 7, 1838, at Dyce, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Son of William and Christine Chalmers Thom. Married Helen Gardener on February 21, 1870, at Aberdeenshire. See tree above for children. Came to Millburn in 1882 and bought farm from James Pollock. Imported Clydesdales. Retired to Libertyville, Ill., in 1908. Died on December 13, 1919, at North Bend (Omaha?), Nebraska.

Read information about William's brother, Alexander Thom.

Helen Gardener

Born February 20, 1843 (1848?), in Banffshire, Scotland. Married William G. Thom in 1870. Died December 3, 1913, at Libertyville, Illinois.

Children of William and Helen Gardener Thom


Born 1871. School teacher. Moved to Waukegan, Ill. Married Cora E. Hauxhurst on April 23, 1896. She was the daughter of Mrs. M. S. Hauxhurst, of Waukegan. Moved to Amarillo, Texas. Died December 19, 1912, at age 41 years and 4 months.

William Gardiner

Born March 1, 1873, in Wisconsin. Attended school in Valparaiso, Ind. Married the minister's daughter, Jessie Amy Harris about November 4, 1899. Children: Harris, born about 1900; Alex, born August, 1900. William was the rural mail carrier before rural free delivery was established.

Jeanie Christian

Born February, 1875, in Wisconsin. School teacher. Married John Oscar Neikirk on October 18, 1900 (coverage). He was a mechanical engineer for a railroad. Moved to Bloomington, Illinois. Lived for a time at Bay City, Michigan. Moved to Chicago, Illinois, late in 1902.

James A.

Read biographical sketch.

Born September 27, 1880, at Paw Paw, Illinois. Graduated from high school at Antioch, Illinois, in 1898. Received Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Chicago Veterinary College in 1905. Married Blanche Monteith Yule on October 5, 1905. Practiced his profession at Antioch. Children. Moved to North Bend, Nebraska, in June, 1908. Died on June 14, 1957.

Edwin Gardiner

Born October 12, 1882, at Millburn, Illinois. Married Ina D. Cornwall of Bristol, Wis., on October 12 (22?), 1904. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Cornwall. Children: Lillian; (boy), born October 5, 1909. Moved to Bristol, Wisconsin.

Children of James A. and Blanche Monteith Yule Thom

Franklin William

Born on November 2, 1906. Married Annabelle Schmidt in 1941. Children: James A. Schmidt; David Lewis; William Franklin; Victoria Jean. Died on February 10, 1963, at Chicago, Illinois.


Born on March 25, 1909. Married Dr. John Jewett on August 18, 1945. Moved near Boston.

James Gardener

Born on October 20, 1910. Married Sally (unknown) on September 14, 1939.


Born on January 19, 1913. Married Lyle Van Arsdol on December 31, 1929. He died in 1961. Married Ralph O. Knox in 1964.

Paul Harvey

Born on October 2, 1920. Married Elna Christensen on May 23, 1943. Lives at Tacumsa, Nebraska.
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