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Newspaper Clippings for
May, 1902

from Antioch News1 May 1902
(advertisement) Attention, Farmers!
Breed to the best for the season of 1902, the prize winning and prize producing Clydesdale stallion, Sir David, No (8929).
Sire, Barney 5002, he by the Darnley horse, Good Hope, 1679. Dam, Lady Graham 2240, by Pride of Glasgow 239. Grand dam, Topsy 117, by Wallace 1552, etc. Sir David's dam, Starlight 4842. Grand dam Lady's Maid 2569.
The individual excellencies of this horse, those qualities which go to make up the perfect draft horse have but to be seen to be appreciated. He is a beautiful seal brown with narrow stripe on face. His aristocratic carriage, having a well-shaped breeding like head coupled to a beautifully arched neck, with stylish action, give him a commanding appearance. With an excellent middle, two good ends and strongly muscled all over, and set on legs the best, so strongly characteristic of the breed which, particularly on account of the foreign demand - the back-bone of the market today - and because as a breeder their individual excellencies are now becoming better known than ever, make them the foremost and without a shadow of doubt the most profitable horse for the farmer to breed today. The superiority of the Clydesdale cross over all draft breeds has been fully demonstrated at all the leading exhibitions of the country and never more emphatically than International Exhibitions held at Chicago in 1900, and 1901, where in draft classes for geldings and mares for single all the way through up to six-horse teams, the Clydesdale took first and second premium, leaving only third to Percherons.
TERMS - To insure a live colt $15. Parties disposing of mares before foaling, held responsible for service fee.
For particulars address, W. G. THOM, Millburn, Ill.

from the Waukegan Daily Sun 14 May 1902
Mrs. A. H. Stewart went to the city Monday to spend the week with her sister.

The ladies aid society met Thursday at Mrs. Elmer Cannon's.

Miss Kittie Smith spent Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Cummings in Waukegan.

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Levoy were in the city Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. John Trotter have a young daughter.

John A. Strang returned from a business trip Monday night.

Mrs. Mathews is now established in her cottage near the parsonage for the summer.

Eugene Strang was out from Waukegan Monday.

from Antioch News22 May 1902
(masthead marked 12 May)

Carrie Bater visited in Antioch last week.

E. A. Martin took a flying trip to Chicago Friday.

W. F. Wentworth returned from Chicago Wednesday.

Mr. John Bonner who has been quite ill is able to be out again.

Peter Strang who has been quite ill is able to be out again.

Mr. and Mrs. George Garity took in Waukegan Thursday.

Wm. B. Stewart and Mrs. Geo. Strang left Tuesday for Iowa.

Why don't the superintendent of side walks get his men at work?

Miss Kittie L. Smith was a Chicago visitor Thursday and Friday.

Wm. J. White after drilling down 160 feet deep struck a fine flow of water.

Harry Wedge is building a large addition to his house west of the village.

Miss Alice Jamison, of Chicago, is a guest of Rev. and Mrs. George Mitchell.

The picnic season has commenced. Ed Martin took one in Sunday, at Druces Lake.

Mrs. Lawrence who has been spending the winter in Iowa, returned home Saturday.

Mrs. Richard Pantall returned home Monday after a few days visit at Chicago Lawn.

Emerson Ingalls is making many improvements on his farm north of the village.

Rev. and Mrs. George Mitchell left Monday to attend the Congregational Convention at Rockford, Ill.

Mr. and Mrs. Mathews who have been visiting in California the past winter, returned home Saturday.

The Ladies Aid society met with Mrs. Iona Strang Thursday afternoon, and there was a large attendance.

Miss May Fowler, of East Troy, Wis., who had been visiting Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Cummings the past two weeks, returned home Monday.

A Thank Offering and Missionary tea will be held at the Congregational church Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. A cordial invitation is extended to all.

from the Waukegan Daily Sun 22 May 1902
Mr. Wentworth visited in the city Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mrs. Mathews, from California, and Mrs. Lawrence, from Tabor, Iowa, came home on the same train Saturday from Chicago. It was a pleasant surprise for both ladies.

Mr. Findley, recently from Scotland, visited the Bonner families, also at W. B. Stewart's Saturday and attended church here Sunday. He will return to Scotland this year.

We are sorry to report Mr. Frank Clark very sick the last week. He has been laid up in bed with a broken leg the last three months. He was thought to be a little better yesterday.

The ladies' aid society meets with Mrs. Erma Strang Thursday.

C. E. Society business meeting at Carrie Bater's Friday night.

Miss May Fowler, of East Troy, returned home Monday after a week's visit with Mrs. Cummings and Kittie Smith.

Maud Hughes has the measles.

Alice Jamieson is expected home for a few days' visit this week.

The Masons will have a strawberry supper Thursday night.

Mrs. Margaret Bonner Dodge, of Peoria, Ill., has been sick the last seven weeks.

Mr. Starkweather came up to the farm Monday.

Mr. Pantall went to the city Friday to visit his little grandchildren Bae and Mabel Adams.

from Antioch News29 May 1902
Frank Clark is able to be out again.

C. B. Cummings is making a visit to his friends in Wisconsin.

Mrs. Wendell, of Waukegan, was the guest of Mrs. Bater last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Leroy are about to take up their residence here.

Robert Jamison, of Chicago, visited his parents Saturday and Sunday.

Miss Middleton, after an absence of some weeks, returned home Monday.

Mrs. Irma Strang and Mrs. Robert Strang were Chicago visitors last week.

E. A. Martin and James Pollock took the train for Chicago Monday morning.

Miss Winnie Jamison, of Kenosha, is a guest of Rev. and Mrs. Geo. A. Mitchell.

Mr. Roberts, of Chicago, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. James Jamison Sunday.

Mr. Leslie Cain, of Boston, was the guest of Miss Carrie Bater Saturday and Sunday.

The party given to Mrs. Bater on her birthday, last Wednesday, was a complete surprise to her.

Emerson Ingalls, of Oak Park, was here for a few days last week superintending the work on his barn.

Miss Irma VanDuzer and Miss Jessie Jamison were in Chiago visiting friends, for a few days last week.

Wm. B. Stewart on his way to Iowa telegraphed home for his bathing suit to be sent by express at once.

The Millburn Literary society have been invited by Rev. and Mrs. Geo. Mitchell to hold their last meeting at the parsonage.

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