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Biographical Sketch for
William Augustus Gray Family

Lucy Nelson Dodge-------+
                        +--+--William Bradford Dodge---+  +--Burton Payne
                        |                              +--+--Edward D.
                        |     Julia A. Payne-----------+  +--William Steven
                        |                                 +--Charles Nelson
William Augustus Gray---+
                        +--+--Charles F.
                        |  |
Sarah Alvord------------+  +--Sarah E.
                           +--George E.

William Augustus Gray

Born August 16, 1814, in Mass. Married Lucy Nelson Dodge in 1843. See tree above for children. Married Sarah Alvord on October 27, 1847. See tree above for children. Moved to Waukegan, Ill. Clerk in clothing store. Later ran a grocery store. Died 1880.

Lucy Nelson Dodge

Born May 13, 1815. Sixth child of William Bradford Dodge. Died August 6, 1845.

Sarah Alvord

Born about 1828 in New York.

Children of William Augustus and Lucy Nelson Dodge Gray

Read a biographical sketch about this family, which was published in "History of Dakota Territory" in 1915.

William Bradford Dodge

Born about 1845, probably in Ohio, while family moved westward. Married Julia A. Payne about February 7, 1866. Children: Burton Payne, an attorney in Boston; Edward D., a farmer near Yankton, South Dakota; William Steven, born June 18, 1874, at Ivanhoe, Illinois, brought by parents to South Dakota Territory when six years old, graduate of Yankton College, soldier, carpenter by trade, married Belle Mooers on January, 1901, in Yankton; Charles Nelson, of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Farmer and merchant. Became a minister, active in Sunday School. Left Lake County, moving to South Dakota, settling in Yankton. Moved on to Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Children of William Augustus and Sarah Alvord Gray

Charles F.

Born about 1850 in Illinois.

Sarah E.

Born about 1855 (1853?) in Illinois.

George E.

Born 1860 in Illinois.
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