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Biographical Sketch for
Crapo Family

This family is currenly being researched
These are our notes thus far.

Have seen this name spelled Grapo, Crapoo, and Crappo.

John Crapo bought several pieces of land in the Millburn area.

He may have become the third husband of Caroline Thayer Wilson Kingsbury on December 25, 1851. Children: Walter, Joseph, and William.

Walter was born about 1829 and came with his father to Chicago, Illinois, in 1833 from Balston, N. Y. They camped the fall and winter of 1834 some where north of where Libertyville now stands. His father took up the farm in Lake County some time in 1835 and Walter has made it his home ever since. Married Rosina Cribb about April 14, 1854. Son Joseph born, lived 3 months and 8 days, died on April 28, 1856. Married Rebecca Rechberger about November 21, 1859. Served in the Civil War and came out with one hand crippled, a back and shoulder in a bad state. Moved to Waukegan before 1870. Married Mary E. Morford about September 16, 1871. She was born about 1839 in Maine. Children: William D., born about 1861 in Illinois, was a brick mason; Willard W., born about 1862 in Illinois; Charles H., born in September, 1869; Martha, born about 1873 in Illinois; Mary, born about 1875 in Illinois; Clara, born about 1878 in Illinois. Was a well digger.

Joseph served in the Civil War, where fell a victim to rebel bullets.

William served in the Civil War, where he was thrice wounded.

We also have found a George Crapo. He was born about 1790 in Scotland. His daughter might be Eunace, born in 1817,

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