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Biographical Sketch for
Henry Cribb Family

Henry Cribb----+  +--Susan-----------------+  +--George Riley
               |  |                        +--+--Francis Adelaide
               +--+  Joseph George Wilson--+  +--Sarah Oliva
               |  |                           +--Dewitt Christian
Charety Lent---+  |                           +--Adelbert Udell
                  |                           +--Mary E.
                  |                           +--Stephen C.
                  |                           +--Emily Jennie
                  +--Margaret Ann
                  |  Eliza A. Vanloon------+
                  |                        +--+--Jacob H.
                  +--Stephen V.------------+
                  |                        +--+--Fred
                  |  Lucinda Bunda---------+  +--Lottie
                  |  Deborah Reynolds------+
                  |                        +--+--Jay R.
                  +--Mathew H.-------------+
                  |                        +--+--Emily L.
                  |  Charlott Miller-------+  +--Jonas (?)
                  +--Asa T.----------------+
                  |                        |
                  |  Lucy Simons-----------+
                  +--Theodore--------------+  +--Lillian
                  |                        +--+--Stephen
                  |  Pricilla (unknown)----+  +--Clarence
                  +--Ira Ezekiel-----------+  +--Abby Jane
                  |                        +--+--Elizabeth
                  |  Margaret (unknown)----+  +--Mathew
                  +--Hulday J.
                  +--Abigail Sara----------+  +--Joseph
                  |                        +--+
                  |  William H. Galagher---+  +--Ella
                  +--Mary O.

Unplaced factoids.....
Cribb School house
Catherine Cribb 1858-1916
infant Cribb, died 1907
Fred E. Cribb (1876-5/5/1956)
 married Amanda E. Tweed (1879-1947) about 11/21/1899
Harlo F. Cribb (1901-1967)
 married Edith M. (1902-  )
Aurilla D., wife of Ira Cribb
 born December 27, 1849, died December 16, 1905
Maudy, daughter of Ira and Aurilla Cribb
 died July 10, 1886, at age 1 month 26 days
Hazel Cribb
 died 1916, at age five weeks
Arthur Cribb, son of Ira and Alice Cribb
 died August 24, 1892, at age 13 years 5 months 26 days
"twin babies" Cribb, died 1892
Chester A. Cribb, born about 1822 in New York
 Rosina, born about 1837(?) in New York
 Thomas J., born about 1846 in Illinois
 Henry C., born about 1848 in Illinois
 Amanda, born in 1850 in Illinois.
Helen I. Cribb, daughter of Fred,
 became registered pharmacist

Henry Cribb

Born on June 15, 1788, in Stillwater, Saratoga County, New York. Married Charety Lent in March, 1816, at Prattsburg, Steuben County, New York. See tree above for eleven children. Farmer in New York. In the fall of 1845, the Cribb family packed everything, including eight children, and went to Canada. They came down through Wisconsin and settled in Lake and McHenry Counties, Illinois, in December, 1845. Died on May 1, 1876, at age 89 years, 10 months, and 15 days.

Charety Lent

Born on May 26, 1796. Married Henry Cribb in March, 1816. Died on March 11, 1879, in Mercer County, Missouri.

Children of Henry and Charety Lent Cribb

Susan L.

Born on February 9, 1819, at Prattsburg, Steuben County, New York. Married Joseph George Wilson on January 19, 1841, in South Bristol, Ontario County, New York.
Children. Died on November 25, 1904, in Westfield, Plymouth County, Iowa. Buried at Akron, Plymouth County, Iowa.

Margaret Ann

Born on October 28, 1820, at Prattsburg, New York.

Stephen V.

Born on May 5, 1822, at Prattsburg, New York. Married Eliza A. Vanloon. She was born in 1823 and died in 1852. Children by Eliza: Jacob H., born in 1852, died in 1853. Married Lucinda Bunda. She was in born in 1855 in Minnesota. She died on June 18, 1944 at age 88. Children by Lucinda: Fred, born in April, 1876, in Illinois, married Manda Tweed (born 1879); Lottie, born in January, 1881. Died on April 3, 1893.

Mathew H.

Born on April 25, 1824, at Prattsburg, Ontario County, New York. Went to gold fields of California in March, 1852. Returned to Lake County fours years later. Married Deborah Reynolds on January 13, 1858. She was born February 15, 1839, in New York. Her parents were Joseph and Delia Brown Reynolds. She died on March 29, 1861. Children by Deborah. Married Charlott Miller about December 4 (September 22?), 1863. Adopted daughter (?) Emily L., who was born about 1865, and adopted August 10, 1867. Children by Charlott (?): Jonas, born about 1868. Held office of Poor Master. Was Road Commissioner. Died on March 25, 1891, at his home in Antioch Township.

Asa T.

Middle initial might have been "F". Born on March 24, 1829, at Prattsburg, New York. Married Lucy Simons about December 21, 1852. She was born on April 12, 1832, and died on December 6, 1892. Died June 26, 1890 in Chicago, Illinois. Children: George L., born on October 29, 1857, died on April 20, 1859; Ira S., born in 1854 in Illinois; Winfield, born in 1862 in Illinois.

Theodore F.

Twin of Elizabeth. Born on May 3, 1830, at South Bristol, Ontario County, New York. Married Pricilla (unknown). Children: Lillian; Stephen; Clarence. Died in 1915.


Twin of Theodore. Born on May 3, 1830, at South Bristol, Ontario County, New York.

Ira Ezekiel

Born on June 16, 1832, at South Bristol, New York. Married Margaret (unknown). Children: Abby Jane; Elizabeth; Mathew. Died on November 6, 1911, in Mercer County, Missouri.

Hulday J.

Born in June, 1835, at South Bristol, New York.

Abigail Sara

Born on March 15, 1837, at South Bristol, New York. Married William Henry Galigher in 1866. He was born about 1842, in Maine. Children: Joseph (?); Henry, born in 1868; Ella, born in January, 1870. Died in Mercer County, Missouri.

Mary O.

Middle initial might have been "E". Born on September 17, 1838, at South Bristol, New York. Died on March 1, 1855, at age 15 years, 5 months, 11 days.

Children of George Riley and Susan L. Cribb Wilson

George Riley

Born on March 10, 1843, in Naples, Ontario County, New York. Married Salome Stover.

Francis Adelaide

Born in Greenwood, McHenry County, Illinois. Married Oscar Smith.

Sarah Oliva

Born on January 13, 1848, in Greenwood, McHenry County, Illinois. Married Albert G. Smith (Oscar's brother).

Dewitt Christian

Born on December 5, 1849, in Greenwood, McHenry County, Illinois. Married Julia Finn.

Adelbert Udell

Born on January 6, 1852, in Dubuque, Dubuque County, Iowa. Married Emma McNery. Married Vannie Sanford.

Mary E.

Born in July, 1855, in Farley, Dubuque County, Iowa. Married John C. McDougal.

Stephen C.

Born on August 5, 1856, in Farley, Dubuque County, Iowa. Married Wilma Scott. Married Lena Clevenger.

Emily Jennie

Born on September 17, 1862, in Farley, Dubuque County, Iowa. Married Alonzo C. Jenkins.

Children of Mathew H. and Deborah Reynolds Cribb

Jay. R.

Born born December 12, 1858, in Illinois. Married
Ina T. Kerr about August 20, 1880. Children. Married Katie Moore on October 14, 1897, in Evanston. She was from Castine, Maine. Farmer. Owned first electric plant in Antioch. Died on March 16, 1940.

Children of Jay R. and Ina T. Kerr Cribb


Married Hiram Harlow Kellogg.

John Kerr

Born in July, 1882. Married Mabel Hamlin on February 24, 1904, at Lake Villa. She was born on September 1, 1881, at Hainesville, Illinois, and died on July 23, 1931, at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, after a three month illness (
obituary). Children: Benjamin J.; Harold; Frank H., born in 1911; John Jr., born in 1916, died on March 12, 1978, at age 61 years; Jean. Supervisor of Lake Villa Township.

Deborah Delia

Born in August 10, 1891, in Lake County. Married Llewellyn R. Van Patten, Sr., on August 3, 1911, in Antioch. He was born on October 28, 1892, in Antioch, and died on May 25, 1959, in Waukegan. Died on September 10, 1975, in Waukegan, Illinois.
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