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See the buildings in Millburn's Historic District.

Look at the old Masonic Temple, one of the first in the area. View the front and north side or southern exposure in 1955.

See what the old Millburn School looked like. This two room school was built in 1920 when several one room schools consolidated and was in continuous use until 1962, when the present school was built east of the village.

Check out a few of Millburn's prominent citizens. Most photos of people are linked off their biographical sketches.

Millburn was a farming community. We have photos of men working, such as this threshing day about 1900.

We have sterescope cards and viewers out on display.

Every once in a while we find an outstanding example, but don't really know how to classify it. We've got a photo of the interior of the Bater House from about 1890. This house was torn down before the Historic District was created.

We have some souvenir photographs, such as this one of Annie Oakley.

We have a number of postcards.

We have collected some family albums.

We even have a few old cameras in our collection, such as this Kodak.

We have placed links to color photos of our exhibits on the exhibit pages.

We are seeking additional photos to put on our website.
If you have photos of Millburn or former residents, we would like to have a copy.
We do not have to keep your original. Please contact the webmaster.