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Categories of items that we have on display:

ceramics Visit our ceramics page to learn about our collection of earthenware, porcelain, pottery and stoneware. We have dishes that came with our settlers from Scotland.

clothing Visit our clothing page to learn about our collection for children, gentlemen, and ladies. We even have a uniform for an old Millburn baseball team.

domestics We have a number of items that we refer to as domestics. These are "those things around the house" that made life easier. Some of them were still quite a lot of work.

farm implements Millburn was a farming community. We have a collection of farm implements that would have been used in agriculture. We have an oxen yoke that was found under a porch in the village.

fine arts Many of the homes would have been decorated using some of the items that we have in our fine arts collection.

glassware Many things around the home were made of glass. We have a couple of the electric insulators that you find many places. We have quite a lot of glassware which is more useful around the house. Many different sizes, shapes, and colors.

photos We love to look at old photos. We have collected quite a few. The ones of people that we have been able to identify are linked off of the appropriate family biographical sketch page. Everything else you will find in these photo exhibits.

silver Our collection includes a number of items of silver. You can see teaspoons, pitchers, and other items of coin silver, silver plate, and sterling.

store records We consider ourselves fortunate to have a number of the old store ledgers. Other store records include receipts and catalogs. We even have some examples of Millburn's post mark, used before 1905. One shelf is heavy with the old policy registers for the Millburn Mutual Insurance Company.

tools Our early settlers had to build or make many of their possessions. Often, something around the house or farm would require repair. We have been able to collect a number of old tools that would have been used. Our prize is a beam boring machine for post and peg construction.

toys It was not always "all work and no play". We have a number of old toys on display. They were not all used by children. Millburn had the county checker champion among their number. Often a game of checkers was played over the telephone.

wood stove Insurance regulations don't permit us to light a fire in the old wood stove today. We have a number of light bulbs inside to simulate a fire. We can imagine the number of our citizens who pulled themselves up by the fire to get warm. The checkerboard is waiting.

For a vast wealth of historical and biographical information about Millburn, check out our online historical archives.