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Newspaper Clippings for
October, 1931

Antioch News1 October 1931
Mr. and Mrs. J. Danhoff and son, and Mrs. Earl Edwards and son, River Forest, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Webb, Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Pessinc, Gary, Ind., were week-end guests at the E. A. Martin home.

William Bauman has an infection in his foot.

Mrs. E. A. Martin attended the funeral of Mrs. Julia Ferry, at the Hansen funeral home in Kenosha, Tuesday.

Mrs. A. G. Torfin substituted for Mrs. Ray Ferry during her absence from school on account of the death and funeral of Mr. Ferry's mother.

Mrs. L. J. Slocum, Mrs. Jane Slocum, Mrs. Clarence Bonner and daughter, Jean, Mrs. W. M. Bonner, Mrs. Gordon Bonner, and Mrs. Robert Bonner attended a miscellaneous shower for Mrs. Robert Murrie at the home of Mrs. Elmer Hunter in Antioch, Thursday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Edwards and family drove to Chicago, Sunday, to visit their daughter, Ruth, who is in training at Garfield Park hospital.

Norman Torfin was absent from school Friday on account of illness.

Bernice Denman of DeKalb, spent the week-end at home.

Mrs. A. W. Safford, Miss Clara Foote and Miss Helen Safford, Austin, spent Saturday at Millburn.

Antioch News15 October 1931
The officers of the Ladies' Aid society met at the home of Mrs. Pierstorff on Monday, and appointed committees and completed plans for the annual bazaar, which will be held November 6.

J. S. Denman, L. S. Bonner, and Arthur Leng attended the national insurance convention in Chicago, Wednesday.

Miss Alice Bauman and William Ferry spent Saturday and Sunday in DeKalb. They attended the annual homecoming of the Normal school.

Mr. and Mrs. E. Groebli and children have moved to the John M. Strang house, which is now owned by Carl Chope. Mr. Groebli will have a complete line of groceries and will run a filling station.

Mr. and Mrs. James Kerr, Miss Mary Kerr, Mrs. Ola Barnstable, and Mrs. Howard, Lake Villa, attended church at Millburn, Sunday.

The Ladies' Aid society met for an all-day meeting with Mrs. J. S. Denman on Thursday. Dinner was served at noon and work was done for the bazaar. Mrs. E. A. Martin and Mrs. Pierstorff assisted Mrs. Denman.

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Bonner and Ralph and Ethel McGuire were guests at the Hopkins home in Highland Park, Sunday.

The Christian Endeavor society will entertain the young people from the North Prairie church at a social in the Masonic hall, Friday evening.

On Tuesday evening at Libertyville, Miss Carrie Panzer, of Gurnee, was united in marriage to Gordon Wells, of Hickory Corners. The young couple are enjoying a honeymoon trip to Somers, Minn., where they are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Lee Savage.

J. S. Denman, L. S. Bonner and Arthur Lang will attend the National Insurance convention in Chicago Wednesday.

The members of the Christian Endeavor society held their monthly business meeting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Minto, Friday evening.

Mrs. A. G. Torfin and Mrs. F. G. Edwards spent Tuesday in Chicago.

Mrs. A. H. Pierstorff and daughter, Ruth, spent Tuesday and Wednesday with her mother, Mrs. Beck, in Evanston.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Erwin, Waukegan, were guests at the George Edwards home, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Martin and son, Richard, spent Sunday in Kenosha and Racine.

Mrs. L. S. Bonner spent Wednesday with her sister, Mrs. Victory Strang.

Robert Brenton spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. James Brenton, in Waukegan.

Mr. and Mrs. William Heintz and son, Lansing, Ill., and Mrs. J. Kaluf, Grange Hall, called at the F. G. Edwards home Wednesday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Bonner spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Murrie, at Russell.

Mrs. George Beaumont and Mrs. Floyd Beaumont spent Saturday at the R. J. Bonner home. Mrs. Bonner and sons returned with them for a week-end visit.

Millburn was well-represented at the county Sunday school convention at Grayslake, Thursday.

Antioch News22 October 1931
The annual church bazaar will be held at the church on November 6. Supper will be served in both the church and Masonic hall.

A party was given in honor of Warren Edward's birthday, Friday evening, at his home.

A surprise was given in honor of Jens Johannsen's birthday, Friday evening, at his home.

Mrs. Baumann is on the sick list.

Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Torfin and family and Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Edwards and John Vernon drove to Park Ridge Saturday evening.

Mrs. Jessie Low spent the last week with her niece, Mrs. James Mair, in Chicago.

Warren Darby spent Sunday with his sister at Mundelein.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Wetlez and family, Chicago, visited friends at Millburn Sunday.

Mrs. A. K. Bain is visiting at the Frank Cremin home at Rollins.

The Torfin and Edwards families drove to Garfield Park Sunday to visit Ruth Edwards.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Baumann drove to DeKalb Thursday and their daughter Bernice returned with them for the week-end.

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Garrett spent Sunday with their son Ernest, in Waukegan.

Mrs. Mary White, Waukegan, spent Sunday at Millburn.

Mrs. Beck, Evanston, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. A. H. Pierstorff.

Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Martin attended Dad's day at Lake Forest Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Johansen and children have returned to Millburn after a year's absence and will again run a filling station.

Antioch News29 October 1931
The annual bazaar and roast chicken dinner at the Millburn church will be held November 6. There will be the usual sale of fancywork, comforters, bakery goods, vegetables, candy, ice cream, and a grab bag of 5-cent articles. Any donations to these tables will be appreciated. The dinner will be served from 5 o'clock until all are served; price 50 and 35 cents.

There will be a card party at Barnstable's hall in Lake Villa on Tuesday evening, at 8 o'clock, sponsored by the township relief committee. Admission charge will be 50 cents. There will be prizes.

Mrs. James Wilson and Mrs. Johnson, Richland Center, Wis., spent Sunday with the former's brother A. H. Pierstorff.

Mrs. George Edwards, Mrs. D. B. Webb, and Mrs. Eva Alling spent Friday with Mrs. E. H. Edwards, at River Forest.

Miss Ethel McGuire spent last week with her cousin, Elizabeth Hopkins, in Highland Park.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Anderson drove to Chicago, Friday.

Mrs. Florence Achen, of Kenosha, spent Thursday with her sister, Mrs. E. A. Martin.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Erwin, Waukegan, called at the George Edwards home Saturday afternoon.

Richard Martin entertained his roommate, from Lake Forest, at his home Saturday and Sunday.

A birthday surprise party was given in honor of Mrs. O. Anderson, Wednesday afternoon, 500 was played.

Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Edwards and family spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. J. Kaluf, at Grange hall.

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