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Newspaper Clippings for
September, 1931

Antioch News3 September 1931
The Christian Endeavor society gave a miscellaneous shower for Mr. and Mrs. Gustav Christiansen at the home of Dr. H. E. Jamison Friday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. George Edwards were called to Evanston Saturday by the death of Dr. James C. Gardiner. Mrs. Gardiner is a sister of Mrs. Edwards. The funeral was held Tuesday at the Heminway Methodist church, with interment at Forest Home cemetery, Chicago.

Mrs. Charles Marshall, of Morgan Park, spent several days at the home of her aunt, Mrs. J. H. Bonner. Charles Marshall and the older Mrs. Marshall spent Sunday at the Bonner home.

Miss Ruby Gillings who has spent the past two weeks with Mrs. W. M. Bonner, left Saturday for a few weeks with her brother, at North Chicago.

The Edwards families attended the annual re-union and dinner at the Bert Edwards home at Hickory, Sunday.

Miss Ida Mae Brenton, of Waukegan, spent the weekend at the Lewis Bauman home.

Miss Katharine Minto has returned to Davis, Ill., where she will teach in the high school for another year.

Mrs. J. H. Bonner, Vivien Bonner, Mrs. Gordon Bonner and Lois and Miss Josephine Dodge were guests for dinner at the home of Mrs. Mina Gilbert, in Waukegan, Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Strohal have returned from a two weeks' auto trip through the East and in Canada.

There was a demonstration and dinner at the L. J. Slocum home Saturday evening, put on by the Supermaid Aluminum Co., with about twenty in attendance.

Geraldine Bonner returned Monday from a ten day's visit with relatives at Three Oaks, Mich.

Mrs. Daniel Chope has returned home from Victory Memorial hospital.

Antioch News10 September 1931
Miss Ruth Edwards began nurse's training at Garfield Park hospital Tuesday.

Miss Bernice Bauman entered school at Dekalb normal Tuesday.

Miss Alice Bauman will teach the Pomeroy school at Lake Zurich for another term.

Mr. and Mrs. George Edwards, Mrs. Eva Alling and Warren Edwards attended the funeral services for Dr. James Gardiner, at Evanston, Tuesday.

Miss Althea Petit of Chicago, spent Sunday and Monday at the Gordon Bonner home.

Harold Slocum spent several days visiting his sister, Mrs. Ray Olson, in Waukegan.

E. Groebli and Frank Hauser drove to Michigan Thursday.

Harold and Marvin Groebli returned home Friday after spending several weeks with relatives in Michigan.

Mrs. Edward Sleck and daughters, Ruth and Hazel, of Wawatosa, Wis., were guests of Mrs. Eva Alling, on Thursday.

Miss Esther Dixon, of Gurnee, spent Tuesday and Wednesday with Geraldine Bonner.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Kaluf, Grange Hall, and Captain and Mrs. John Kaluf, of Quantico, Va., called at the Frank Edwards home Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Mary Burndes, Mrs. Earl Edwards and Mrs. John Dickey and son, of River Forest, spent Monday at the D. B. Webb home

Miss Josephine Dodge, who has spent the past four weeks with the Bonner families, returned Tuesday to her home in Peoria.

Mrs. A. G. Torfin is ill with the mumps.

Edward Frederick, of Waukegan, William and Miriam Ferry, and Bernice Bauman drove to the Wisconsin Dells Sunday, returning Monday.

Marc Edwards returned to his home in River Forest Monday, after spending his vacation with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Webb.

Mrs. Mary White, of Waukegan, spent Sunday at the D. B. Webb home.

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Bonner and Ralph McGuire left Tuesday by auto for Des Moines, Ia., where they will visit relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Denman and children drove to River Forest Sunday, and Grace Denman returned with them, after a week's visit with the L. H. Kamper family.

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Neahous and son, Jack, and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cosgrove spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Gus Christiansen at Union Grove.

Antioch News17 September 1931
Work on route No. 173 is progressing rapidly. The cement will soon be laid to Bean Hill from the west. The graders are busy on the road from Hickory Corners to Bean Hill.

4 miles east of Antioch, 7 miles west of Zion, 1 1/2 miles north of Millburn at Hickory Corners.
SAT., SEP. 19
1 p. m. Standard Time
2 Horses, 100 Chickens, 25 Ducks, 3 Geese, 500 bu. Oats, 125 bu. Barley,10-20 McCormick Tractor, all kinds of farm machinery and barn equipment
Bertha L. Spiering, Owner
Col. L. C. Christensen & Son, Auct.

While playing in a swing on Saturday, Laura Denman fell and fractured her collar bone.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bonner and Vivien were guests for dinner at the Gordon Bonner home Sunday.

Miss Ethel McGuire spent the past week with her grandmother, Mrs. C. E. Denman, at Gurnee.

Ray Ewert and Miss Phyllis Griesel, of Oak Park, and Webb Edwards, of River Forest, spent Sunday at the D. B. Webb home.

F. G. Edwards and family spent Sunday afternoon at J. Kaluf's, at Grange Hall.

Mrs. Lewis Bauman, Alice Bauman and Jean Bonner drove to DeKalb Sunday and spent the day with Bernice Bauman, who is attending normal there.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wright stopped at W. M. Bonner's Saturday while en route to their new home in Minneapolis where he will enter the university.

Miss Doris Jamison returned to Milwaukee where she will enter Downer college for her senior year.

Mrs. A. H. Pierstorff is recovering from her recent injuries.

School began September 8 with forty-seven pupils enrolled and Mrs. Laura Ferry as teacher.

Antioch News24 September 1931
The Christian Endeavor society held a hard-time basket social at the Masonic hall Friday evening.

Richard Martin entered Lake Forest college Monday as a freshman.

Lyman Bonner spent Friday night and Saturday with his cousins, Glenn and Lloyd Strang, in Waukegan.

Miss Mary Kerr, of Lake Villa, visited her sister, Mrs. Alice Spring, Thursday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Priest, of Three Oaks, Mich., spent the week-end with the latter's sister, Mrs. L. S. Bonner.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Erwin, of Waukegan, called at the George Edwards home Wednesday evening.

A. G. Torfin spent last week at Rochester, Minn.

Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Martin spent Thursday in Chicago.

Mrs. Laura Corris and son, William, called at the W. M. Bonner home Wednesday.

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