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Newspaper Clippings for
November, 1931

Antioch News5 November 1931
Son of Truman Ames Dies in Montana
The death of Jay H. Ames, 46 son of Truman Ames, Antioch, occurred at his home in Helena Mont., Thursday.
Mr. Ames was born in Pennsylvania October 14, 1885. He was a cabinet maker and followed his trade at Miles City for four years. He then moved to Helena and to Lincoln, where he resided for a similar period. He removed to Helena some time ago.
He is survived by his widow, Emma P. Ames, and three small children, Truman, Wallace, and Mildred, living in Helena; a brother, Howard Ames, at Waukegan, Ill.; and by his father Truman Ames, Antioch.

The annual church bazaar will be held Friday evening, November 6. Roast chicken dinner will be served from 5 o'clock until all are served. The prices will be 50 and 35 cents.

Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Torfin entertained a few friends at a Hallowe'en party Friday evening.

The elder Mrs. Bauman, who has been seriously ill for several weeks, is slowly improving.

William Walker, Lake Forest, was a caller at the J. S. Denman home on Sunday.

E. A. Martin spent Thursday in Chicago.

Ross Stewart, Morgan, Park, Ill., visited his aunt, Mrs. J. H. Bonner, on Sunday.

Mrs. Beck returned Monday to her home in Evanston after spending two weeks with her daughter Mrs. A. H. Pierstorff.

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bonner and family and Robert Brenton were guests for dinner at the J. H. Bonner home Sunday.

Richard Martin, Lake Forest, spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Martin.

Doris Jamison and friend, Miss Risher, of Rice Lake, Wis., spent the week-end at the home of Dr. H. E. Jamison.

Mr. and Mrs. George Beaumont and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Beaumont, Kansasville, Wis., were entertained at the Robert Bonner home Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McBratney and son, Chicago, are spending some time with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bock.

Mrs. Mina Gilbert, Waukegan , is spending this week with her nieces, Annie and Ella McCredie.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Edwards and family Waukegan, were callers at the George Edwards home Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. A. G. Torfin and daughters, Norma and Phyllis, drove to Park Ridge, Saturday afternoon.

Mrs. Wiltze, Mrs. E. H. Edward and son, Marc, and Mrs. John Dickey and son, Edwards, of River Forest, spent Monday at the D. B. Webb home.

Antioch News12 November 1931
The annual bazaar, which was held Friday evening, was very successful. Over 500 attended the roast chicken dinner, and the net receipts were $300.35.

The annual homecoming services for the Millburn church will be held at 10:30 o'clock on November 22.

Mrs. Florence Achen, Kenosha, spent Friday with her sister, Mrs. E. A. Martin.

Mrs. Charles Marshall of Morgan Park, spent several days with her aunt, Mrs. J. H. Bonner.

Sympathy is extended to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schwicht in the death of their daughter Mrs. Charles Bowers. The funeral services were held in Chicago.

Miss Margaret Pierstorff spent the week-end with her grandmother, Mrs. Back, in Evanston.

Mrs. George Beaumont, of Kansasville, Wis., visited from Thursday until Sunday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Robert Bonner.

Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Wetzel, Chicago, spent the week-end at the Carl Anderson home.

Mr. and Mrs. John Dawson and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Priest, of Three Oaks, Mich., spent Saturday and Sunday at the L. S. Bonner home.

Pearl Edwards spent the week-end with her cousin, Victor Edwards, in Waukegan.

Mr. and Mrs. Lisle Horton and sons and Miss Susan Oosdyk, of Milwaukee, called at the Robert Bonner home on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Austin Webb, Chicago were callers at the D. B. Webb home Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Lyburn Stewart, Mrs. Marshall and Charles Marshall spent Sunday at the J. H. Bonner home and Mrs. Charles Marshall returned home with them.

Mrs. Dalrymple, of Lake Villa, spent several days with Mrs. H. E. Jamison.

William Bauman and William Ferry drove to DeKalb Sunday, when Miss Bernice Bauman returned to her duties at the Normal school

Frank Slocum, Kenosha, called on relatives and friends Sunday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Garrett were visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Garrett at Zion, Sunday.

Mrs. Jane Slocum returned home Friday after a week's visit at the home of her daughter, Mrs. R. G. Murrie.

Any donations of food, canned goods, clothing, or vegetables which can be given for the relief of the needy in Lake Villa township may be taken to the basement under Keller's restaurant in Lake Villa where they will be dispensed by the relief committee.

The Christian Endeavor business meeting will be held at the home of Vivien Bonner Wednesday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Strohal and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lucas spent Monday in Chicago.

Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Edwards and family were guests for dinner at the J. Kaluf home at Grange Hall Sunday.

Antioch News19 November 1931
To celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversaries, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Bonner and Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Denman entertained about fifty of their friends at the home of the former on Saturday evening, November 14th.

Mrs. Cartano entertained a dozen women on Friday afternoon in honor of Mrs. George Stephens and Miss Elsie Stephens, who are leaving for their new home in Waukegan.

Home coming services will be held at the church on Sunday, November 22, at 10:30.

Kenneth Denman left Sunday for Kansas City, Missouri, to attend a convention of Future Farmers of America.

Mrs. Theodore Garrett spent Thursday with her daughter in Racine.

Mrs. Earl Priest, who spent last week with her sister, Mrs. Leslie Bonner, is spending this week with her sister, Mrs. Victor Strang, before returning to their home in Three Oaks, Michigan.

The upper grades of the school will present an operetta at the church on Friday evening, November 20. The proceeds are for the hot lunch fund.

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