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Newspaper Clippings for
October, 1898

from Waukegan Sun1 October 1898
E. A. Martin spent a few days in Chicago this week.

Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Spafford spent Sunday at Mrs. A. Spafford's.

E. T. Taylor, of Chicago, spent Saturday and Sunday in Millburn.

Mr. Huntington of Russell, is moving into Miss Anderson's house.

Miss Julia Smith, of Chicago, spent Saturday and Sunday at Mrs. Trotter's.

Misses McClure and McCulloch of Gurnee, visited at Mrs. Bater's last Friday.

Rev. Lee, of the American Home Finding society occupied the pulpit last Sunday.

Miss Emma Spafford attended the funeral of Dr. Bacom in Salem, Wis., last Monday.

Misses Bessie Bower and Florence Stewart, of Waukegan, spent Sunday at W. B. Stewart's.

Mrs. C. Matthews, Mrs. W. J. White and Mrs. H. R. Matthews visited in Kenosha this week.

Ed Rowling has sold his farm to Mr. Hunt, of Bristol, who will take possession in a few weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Humphrey, Miss Hattie Bain, Mr. Jas. Pollock and several others took in the Elkhorn fair this week.

Rev. S. A. Harris, Ralph Harris and Misses Annie McCredie, Addie Pollock and Jessie Strang were Chicago visitors Saturday.

The Ladies Aid Society met with Mrs. A. H. Stewart Friday afternoon, the meeting having been postponed a day on account of the weather.

Mrs. Wells and children who have been spending the summer on the old Hastings farm, has gone to St. Louis, Mo. They will return about Christmas.

The annual meeting of the Millburn Library association will be held at the church Thursday evening, Oct. 6. All members are requested to be present as matters of importance are to be discussed.

The Ladies Missonary society met on Wednesday at Argyle Farm, the home of their president, Miss Nellie McDougall. Mrs. E. L. Larkin, of Antioch, was present, and gave an interesting talk on missions in the island of the Pacific. After the meeting the Misses McDougall served dainty refreshments. A goodly number were present and all agreed that Argyle farm was a most excellent meeting place.

from Waukegan Sun8 October 1898
Miss Jessie Harris visited in Chicago this week.

Miss Julia Strang is visiting at Mrs. W. J. White's.

Mrs. James Jamieson is visiting relatives in Chicago.

John Roberts, of Chicago, was at Jas. Jamieson's last Sunday.

Mr. Pantall has gone to the Omaha Exposition for a week or two.

E. N. Cannon spent part of the week at Woodstock attending the fair.

Miss Mollie Heddle, of Somers, Wis., is visiting Mrs. C. B. Cummings this week.

Clarence Bonner is home from school at Rochester, Wis., on account of poor health.

The semi-annual business meeting of the C. E. Society met with Miss Irene Stewart Friday evening.

Miss Nellie Trotter entertained a few young people last Thursday evening in honor of her brother Richard.

C. C. Brubaker and family leave this week for their new home in Oklahoma, where Mr. Brubaker has purchased a large farm.

from Waukegan Sun15 October 1898
Edward Mead has been quite ill for some time.

Mrs. Jas. Jamieson spent the week in Chicago.

Miss Mary Calevah leaves soon for Ypsilanti, Mich.

Miss Jessie Harris returned Monday from a few day's visit in Chicago.

Dr. H. A. Jamieson is erecting telephone lines to Hickory and Warren.

Miss Florence Millard, of Chicago, visited friends here Saturday and Sunday.

B. F. Yule and F. W. Heddle of Somers, are doing some building for Geo. Miller.

Misses Zella Harris and Louise Perine, of Waukegan, spent Saturday and Sunday with Jessie Strang.

The annual meeting of the Millburn Library Association was held last Thursday evening at the church.

Cards are out for the wedding of Miss Jessie Bater and W. F. Wandel at Millburn next week Wednesday.

Mesdames L. J. Yager and Lincoln Murray and Miss Edith Hendee, of Waukegan spent Wednesday at Mrs. Baters.

James Kerr, of Loon Lake, has bills out for an auction sale at his farm on Saturday Oct. 15. He will return to Lake Villa having rented the farm.

Miss Mary Trotter returned to her city home Tuesday after spending a few days at her home here. Her brother Richard accompanied her to the city.

George Jamieson attended a meeting of the Chicago Association of Congregational churches at Hinsdale, Ill., on Tuesday, as a delegate from this church.

Mr. Pantall returned Tuesday from the Omaha Exposition, quite well pleased with the miniature World's Fair. His granddaughter, Mabel Adams, accompanied him out from Chicago.

The semi-annual business meeting of the C. E. Society was held at the home of Miss Irene Stewart last Friday evening. The following are the officers elected for the next six months. President, Harold Minto: Vice President, Jessie Strang: Sec'y., Edwin Thom: Treas, Addie Mead; Organists, Lucie Trotter, Helen Dodge; Choristers, Ralph Spafford, Emma Spafford.

from a loose clipping, source unknown 19 October 1898
Wm. Wandle and Miss Jessie Bater
Start Life's Journey Together.
At 2:30 o'clock this afternoon, at the Baptist parsonage, occurred the marriage of Mr. William Wandel and Miss Jessie Bater, Rev. W. R. Anderson officiating. The wedding was of the quietest possible character, owing to the recent bereavement in the Wandel family, prior to which the date of the wedding had been set.
Both the bride and groom are so well known to Waukegan people that introduction is unnecessary. Mr. Wandel has grown to manhood in this city, and his sterling attributes of character, strict attention to business and even courtesy have gained him the warmest friendship of the many who are honored by his acquaintance. Miss Bater's girlhood home was at Millburn, but lately her connection with some of Waukegan's most prominent stores has made this city her home, where her excellent disposition and beautiful attributes have made her a universal favorite.
Mr. and Mrs. Wandel will reside on Hickory street, where Mr. Wandel has a new and modern home prepared for their occupancy. They start upon life's pathway together with the hearty wishes for their happiness and prosperity, that spring from the deep affection in the hearts of their innumerable friends.
from Waukegan Sun22 October 1898
E. T. Taylor was home from Chicago Saturday and Sunday.

Rev. and Mrs. Harris entertained relatives from Chicago over Sunday.

Ross Stewart, of Chicago, is spending his vacation of two weeks at this home here.

Rev. Thaddeus Smith, who has charge of a mission on S. Clark street, Chicago, gave an excellent talk here Sunday evening.

The pupils of Grub school had a surprise party at the home of Blanch Wedge last Saturday afternoon and report a very pleasant time.

There will be a special school meeting at the Hockaday school next Saturday evening to elect a director to fill the vacancy caused by the removal of Mr. Brubaker.

At the Ladies Aid Society, which met last week Thursday with Mrs. J. M. Strang, it was decided to start a fund for church sheds. This is a much needed improvement and should be carried out immediately.

Among those who attended the Peace Jubilee ceremonies in Chicago this week were Mrs. J. M. Strang, Misses Lucie Trotter and Emma Spafford. Messers E. A. Martin, R. W. Spafford and W. H. Rose.

Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Smith celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of their marriage on Tuesday last. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are among the oldest residents of this place. The guests were the immediate relatives and a few friends and all spent a pleasant day.

Owing to bereavement in the family of Mr. Wandel, invitations to the wedding of Miss Jessie Bater and W. F. Wandel, of Waukegan, on Wednesday, Oct. 19th, were recalled and the wedding took place at the residence of Rev. Andereck, pastor of the Baptist church in Waukegan. Mr. and Mrs. Wandel will reside on Hickory street in Waukegan.

from Waukegan Sun29 October 1898
Andrew Thom is spending a few days at his home here.

Miss Nellie Trotter has been in Lake Villa for two weeks.

W. G. Thom returned Saturday from his visit in Nebraska.

Dr. Taylor has been improving his residence by the addition of a porch.

Mrs. Thaddeus Smith and son, of Chicago, are visiting at G. E. Smith's.

The Ladies' Missionary Society met Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Robt. Strang.

Mrs. George I. Strang, of Marshfield, Wis., has been visiting with relatives here this week.

The second division of the Traveling Library has arrived and is installed in Dr. Jameson's office.

The ceiling of the lecture room of the church has been newly painted. Mr. Huber did the work.

It is expected that the Select School to reopened here by Mr. Speckman will begin early in November.

from a loose clipping, source unknown 31 October 1898
Passed away.
At 7:30 o'clock Saturday night occurred the death of George Murrie at his residence, corner Poplar and Center streets.
The deceased was bout 73 years of age and had resided in Lake County a great many years. He came from Millburn to Waukegan about five years ago where he since lived. He began ailing several months ago, but nevertheless his death come very unexpected.
Besides a wife, Mr. Murrie leaves four sons and one daughter to mourn his loss.
The funeral was held from the home this morning at 10 o'clock and interment was made at Millburn. Rev. Burkholder conducted the services.
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