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Newspaper Clippings for
November, 1898

from Waukegan Sun5 November 1898
Mrs. John Thain and daughter were in the city last Friday.

Miss Florence Stewart, of Waukegan, is out on a two weeks visit.

Mr. Vandevere returned to Chicago last Saturday after a two week's visit with Mrs. Mathews.

The burial of George Murrie, of Waukegan, formerly of this community, occurred Monday.

E. A. Martin went to the city Wednesday and returned Thursday accompanied by his sister Mrs. Norman Adams and daughter.

A pleasant party was held at the home of Gussie and Hazel Thain Monday eve, the occasion being Gussie's twelfth birthday. The little people all report a good time.

The annual County S. S. Convention convened here on last Friday and Saturday. About 150 delegates and visitors attended from the county and Chicago. The Millburn ladies maintained their old reputation in providing for the physical wants. The next convention will be held at Highland park.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 9 November 1898
George Murrie Whose Death Occurred Last Week.

George Murrie died at 7:30 o'clock Saturday evening, October 29th, after ailing for several months. Funeral services were held at his late residence, corner Poplar and Center streets Monday morning at ten o'clock, Rev. Burkholder officiating. Interment was made at Millburn.

He was born in Perth, Scotland, June 17, 1825. He with his wife came to America in 1852. After living in New Jersey five years he removed to Lake Co., Ill., where he resided until his death.
In his early manhood he became a member of the Presbyterian church, afterwards uniting with the Congregational church at Millburn, of which he was a member for about 35 years. In character he was honest, and upright always trying to do right by his fellow man.
He leaves a wife, four sons and one daughter and twelve grand children, besides many friends to mourn his loss.

from Waukegan Sun12 November 1898
W. J. White was in Waukesha on Tuesday.

Rev. S. A. Harris spent Monday and Tuesday in Chicago.

Bills are out for an auction sale at Chas. Murrie's next Wednesday.

Mrs. George Strang is visiting her son, George, in Marshfield, Wis.

Walter Ross, of Fort Worth, Texas was at Mrs. Watson's over Sunday.

Mrs. N. R. Adams and daughter, of Chicago, are visiting at Mrs. Pantall's.

Miss Florence Harris was home over Sunday from school at Valparaiso, Ind.

Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Stewart, of Waukegan were at W. B. Stewart's Sunday.

Ralph Harris spent Saturday and Sunday at home from Rochester Academy, Wis.

The Select School in charge of Prof. Speckman, will open Monday in the Masonic Hall.

Mr. and Mrs. Osborne, of Englewood, attended church with Mr. and Mrs. Bairstow last Sunday.

On Sunday evening. Nov. 27, Mr. N. D. Pratt, of Lake Forest, will deliver a lecture in the Millburn church. His subject is Henry Ward Beecher, the famous pulpit orator. No one should fail to attend on that evening. The admission is free.

from Waukegan Sun19 November 1898
Nellie Trotter is spending some time in Antioch.

Ray Hughes was out from the city over Sunday.

Miss Carrie Bater spent part of the week in Antioch.

Mrs. J. Campbell Cory, of New Jersey is visiting with her parents.

R. R. Jamieson and J. M. Strang were Chicago visitors on Monday.

A Martin attended the Chrysanthemum show in Chicago last Saturday.

The Ladies Aid Society met last Friday afternoon with Mrs. W. J. White.

Miss K. Smith attended the chrysanthemum show in Chicago last Saturday.

Miss Libbie Jamieson returned Wednesday from a visit with relatives in Chicago.

The Select school opened Monday with five pupils. A number are expected next week.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Bradford Lukey and family, of Berwyn, visited at George Jamieson's this week.

Miss Florence Stewart returned to her home in Waukegan last Saturday after a two weeks visit here.

Rev. Harris exchanged pulpits last Sunday with Rev. Hunter, of Russell. Mr. Hunter gave an excellent practical address.

Richard Trotter has gone to North Carolina to spend some time. We are glad to learn that his health has improved since his arrival there.

Pastor Harris officiated at the wedding of Miss Mabel Boylan and Mr. Grimm near Antioch on Wednesday morning. On that account prayer meeting was postponed until Thursday night.

from Waukegan Sun26 November 1898
E. A. Martin spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Chicago.

Mrs. Wm. Mavor of Chicago, spent part of the week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Strang.

The Stewart family Thanksgiving reunion was held with Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Stewart Thursday.

Pastor Harris and family spent Thanksgiving with relatives in Chicago.

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Strang celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of their wedding last Saturday. A number of relatives, brothers and sisters of the bride and groom, were present and a few friends.

Dr. and Mrs. Taylor entertained a large number of friends on Thanksgiving.

Don't forget the lecture on Sunday night on Henry Ward Beecher by N. D. Pratt of Lake forest.

The Rochester Academy students are home for a week's vacation.

Miss Maud Spafford was in Chicago Monday and Tuesday.

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