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Newspaper Clippings for
September, 1898

from Waukegan Sun3 September 1898
Mr. Pantall spent part of the week in Chicago.

Miss Carrie Bater spent part of the week in Russell.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Matthews were in Bristol, Wis., Monday.

Mrs. Alice Dick, of Chicago, is visiting with Miss Harriet Bain.

Mrs. Werthan and son, of Chicago, are boarding at Mrs. Spafford's.

Mr. and Mrs. Ingalls and son returned from Chicago on Tuesday.

Miss Marie Goodhand, of Solon Mills, visited over Sunday with Miss Una Minto.

Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Levoy spent Sunday in Kenosha with Peter Fisher and family.

Miss Gertrude Mavor, of Chicago, is visiting with her aunt, Mrs. J. M. Strang.

Miss Lucie Trotter returned this week from a visit with her sister in Chicago.

Wm. Bonner is erecting a large addition to his barn. B. F. Yule has charge of the work.

Misses Gussie and Hazel Thain are the happy owners of a new pony to carry them to school.

Dr. and Mrs. Taylor attended the funeral of Mrs. John Dodge in Milwaukee last Saturday.

Mrs. Francis returned to her Chicago home on Wednesday, after spending some time at Mrs. Geo Strang's.

Miss Alice Jamieson began her school in the Dodge District his week and Miss Annie McCredie at the Jones school.

Rev. S. A. Harris accompanied his daughter Florence to Valparaiso, Ind., this week where she will attend school this year.

Mrs. John A. Strang and Miss Kittie Smith went on Saturday to the Omaha Exposition. W. J. White is also attending the Exposition.

Miss Libbie Jamieson and Harry Adams left Monday for a short visit with friends in the vicinity of Dixon, making the trip on their wheels.

from Waukegan Sun10 September 1898
Miss Jessie Bater is home from Waukegan.

Oscar Neikirk has been visiting at Wm. Thom's.

E. A. Martin visited Ft. Sheridan on his wheel last Sunday.

Miss Florence Stewart of Waukegan was in Millburn this week.

John Roberts and Roy Hughes were out from Chicago for their Labor Day holiday.

Guy Hughes and Robert Jamieson visited friends in Somer's Wis., over Sunday.

Miss Gertrude Mavor, of Chicago, has been visiting her aunt, Mrs. John M. Strang.

Miss Viola Lucas entertained a number of friends Tuesday at her home on the east side.

Chris VanPatten, of Manning, Iowa spent part of the week with relatives and friends here.

Millburn was quite well represented at the Soldiers' Reunion at Grayslake last Thursday.

Mrs. W. D. Tukey, of Madison, Wis., is visiting with her sister, Mrs. Edw. Mead, and other relatives.

Messrs. Albert Trotter and Rowley Hemingway, of Chicago, spent Sunday and Monday at Mrs. Trotter's.

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Stewart spent last week in the enjoyment of a trip on Lake Michigan to northern points.

Rev. and Mrs. Harris spent part of last week in Mukwonago, Wis., where their son, Rev. E. A. Harris has been quite ill.

Miss Margaret Lawrence returned this week to Tabor College to resume her duties as Instructor of Higher Mathematics.

The Hockaday school began Monday with Miss Addie Pollock in charge. A. G. Spafford began school this week at the Grub school.

Mrs. Heightman and little daughter, of Chicago, visited last week at Horace Tower's. Mrs. Heightman resided here some years ago with her father, J. Roddel.

Mrs. John A. Strang and Miss K. L. Smith returned Sunday from a week's visit to the Omaha Exposition. While there, Miss Smith visited with the family of Mr. Leith, who formerly resided here, but are now at North Bend, Neb.

from a loose clipping, source unknown 11 September 1898
Funeral of Miss Anna Gilbert.
The perfume of flowers filled the spacious lawn a the home of Mrs. Mariah Culver of Monaville, Saturday morning, on the occasion of the funeral of her grand daughter, Miss Anna Gilbert. At the appointed hour, 11 o'clock, friends and relatives gathered from far and near, who by their presence would manifest the esteem and affection which all held for her who had passed beyond. The large concourse of people were made comfortable with seats as far as possible. The fragrance of the many floral pieces did all that beautiful emblems can do to dispel the gloom of the occasion. Conspicuous among this loveliness was a floral heart, contributed by Mr. Wm. W. Combs, to whom Miss Gilbert was engaged to be married. Miss Gilbert, who was in her twenty-first year, had always lived with her grandmother. Her decease is mourned by the entire community, where she was a general favorite.
Rev. E. J. Aiken, of Lake Villa, preached the funeral sermon.

from a loose clipping, source unknown 12 September 1898
On last Thursday evening occurred the death of Lucile, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Bonner. The interment took place on Saturday afternoon.
from Waukegan Sun17 September 1898
Miss Jessie Mavor of Chicago, has been visiting relatives here.

Ed Jamieson and Will Walker of Lake Forest, were in Millburn Sunday.

Pastor Harris exchanged pulpits last Sunday with Rev. Cole, of Rockefeller.

Miss Nettie King was the happy recipient of a new organ on her birthday this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Alec Robertson and family, of Lake Forest, were at Wm. Thom's last Sunday.

We were glad to welcome Mr. Starkweather home Sunday from Belvidere where he has been for some time. He returned again this week.

Mrs. Jas. Bonner has been in very poor health for some time. Her daughter, Mrs. H. Eusden, from Marne, Iowa, has been with her.

Mrs. Trotter has been in Chicago for a few days to welcome home her son, Richard, who is Corporal in Co. K. of the 1st Regiment. They are expected home soon.

Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Pollock spent a few days at Jas. Pollock's this week. They left Tuesday for their new home in Brayton, Iowa, where Mr. Pollock will engage in business with his brother Henry.

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