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Newspaper Clippings for
September, 1882

from Gazette9 September 1882
The different schools in the vicinity of Millburn resumed September 4th, as follows: "Dodge", Miss Lulu Thain, teacher; "Grub", Charles Dole of Ivanhoe, "Jones," Miss Clara Stedman. The one east of Millburn, taught by Mr. Frett, of Somers, Wis., commenced some two weeks ago.

A temperance lecture by a popular speaker is in prospect for next Tuesday evening. We are not informed as to his name.

Dr. Taylor has a force of workmen engaged on his residence, and will probably make it one of the finest in town. The doctor seems to have a fondness for building and good things.

Mr. Minto visited Elgin the latter part of the week, but found Mrs. Minto scarcely any improved.

The lawn socials lately held at Geo. and John Strang's were well patronized, the refreshments furnished by the young ladies realizing them handsome profits. We think the Village Improvement Society must certainly be the richest in the place.

Miss Carrie White, of Lyons, Nebraska, is visiting home friends.

Miss Belle Bruce, of Racine, Wis., is the guest of Misses Kittie and Aggie Smith.

Mrs. George Shatswell and daughter are making Emerson Thayer's family a visit.

Mrs. Maggie Watson, of Chicago, is rusticating here.

Mr. Hardy's family have returned to the city, with the intention of breaking up there and moving to Waukegan.

Mrs. James Jamieson and children are away on a visit to Mrs. J's parents, in Missouri.

Mrs. Wm. Barry has been entertaining a brother and his wife, from Vermont; also a brother from California.

The acquaintances of Lowell Rice, in this place, extend to him their hearty congratulations.

from Gazette23 September 1882
Geo. Strang, Jr., has part of his lumber hauled for a new house.

Alex Stewart is improving his house by the addition of a bay window.

Rob. Pollock has gone to Lake Forest to school this Fall instead of returning to Racine.

Mr. John Bonner and mother start for Peoria next week. Mr. Bonner will attend the State Fair while away.

Mrs. Wm. Stewart and her sister, Miss Cora Strang, have been visiting for a week or so in Sterling, Ill.

Miss J. D. Dodge has returned home after a year and a half spent in Dakota. While there she took up a quarter section of land on Lake Thompson.

Mrs. Alice Kerr is again at home. She came back looking fresh and well.

Mr. Duncan's family, of Chicago, moves to Millburn next week, Mrs. D. will go into the dressmaking business, I understand.

Miss Lillie Warren has been in Evanston for some weeks.

A number of our gentlemen are attending the Horse Fair at Chicago, this week.

For a week past our people have been taking in their Winter supply of coal, most of them purchasing from James Pollock, of Wadsworth.

from Gazette30 September 1882
Miss Lizzia Sutherland is back from the city, with lots of new goods, and any one desiring millinery would do well to give her a call.

Another heir has arrived at the house of John Bain, Jr.

Mr. James Bater's suffering seriously with his eyes, and for nearly two weeks has been in the city, having them treated. Dr. Walker gives him little encouragement of a permanent cure under six months.

Mrs. Andrew White is enjoying a visit from her daughter, Mrs. Judge North of Colorado.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Bain arrived from the East last week. They will make his parents quite an extended visit before return. Smith is looking well and we would give him a hearty welcome back.

Mrs. Alex Monteith, of Chicago, is the guest of her cousin Mrs. Eliza Hughes.

Mrs. Dr. Taylor is entertaining a brother and niece from Michigan.

Misses Rubie and Mabel Smith returned to their school in Brooklyn for another year, this week.

Will and George Mason attend a select school in Connecticut this coming year.

Next Sunday six new additions will be made to the church of this place.

The health of the people is most excellent - not a sick person within our range of knowledge.

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