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Newspaper Clippings for
October, 1882

from Gazette7 October 1882
Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Campbell leave for a vacation of three weeks next Tuesday. They intend spending most of the time at Abingdon, this state, their former home.

Rev. Mr. Campbell and Mr. Robt. Strang attended the Chicago Association, which convened at Englewood this week.

Mr. J. H. Hughes was in Chicago the first of the week in attendance on the Undertakers' convention in session there.

Hon. James Pollock and wife are off for a trip to Nebraska

Mr. Duncan McDougall of Ottawa, spent Sunday with friends in this place.

Mrs. Wm. Ladds, a former resident of Millburn, now of Evanston, was the guest of Mrs. Robt. Strang during the early part of the week.

Mr. John Bain's family are entertaining friends from the City.

Mr. Dewitt Huntley, of Muskegan, Mich. has been here on a visit to his father.

Mrs. Duncan and Miss Sutherland have moved into the rooms over the Drug store, formerly occupied by the Misses Warren, and we understand are prepared to do dressmaking and millinery in the latest and most fashionable styles.

Mrs. John Hughes was called suddenly on Monday, to the bedside of her brother's wife, who is seriously ill at her home in Deerfield.

from Gazette14 October 1882
Mr. John Wedge, of Millburn, has adopted "Millburn Boy" as the name of his new, steel-grey two-year-old, Norman Percheron stock horse. The animal is a stylish, high-headed fellow and very active considering that he is not three years old, and weighs nearly 1,400 pounds. Farmers and stock raisers are requested to call at Mr. Wedge's stables, south of Millburn to see him.

from Gazette21 October 1882
Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Strang left for New York city on Tuesday. They will visit a brother of Mrs. Strang, beside other friends.

Mrs. Geo. Strang, Sr., and Mrs. John Strang, Jr., are visiting in Evanston.

Mr. Geo. Stewart and wife spent a few days this week in Elgin.

In the absence of Rev. Mr. Campbell, the pulpit in this place was occupied by Rev. Mr. Gilbert last Sabbath morning, with no preaching in the evening.

Mrs. A. J. Bailey, of Waukegan, is expected to speak next Sunday morning and Rev. Mr. Price, of the Centennial church, in the evening.

Mrs. Watson arrived at her home last week, having enjoyed a pleasant trip to Scotland.

Miss Maggie Watson leaves soon for Colorado.

Anson Hastings is again at home, and preparing this time to take his family with him. He will sell his stock at auction next Saturday, th 28th.

Judge North, of Boulder Colorado, is expected next week by his wife and children, they having been here some time visiting with relatives.

Mr. James Dodge, of Boston, Mass., spent last week with Geo. Sewart's family. He is a cousin of Mrs. Stewart and a grandson of "Old Father Dodge."

We understand Mr. Henry Taylor, of Pikeville, is looking for a place in or near Millburn, to locate, he having rented his farm and desiring to retire from hard work.

The latest arrival at Wm. Thom's is a young son.

from Gazette28 October 1882
Mr. George E. Smith and wife spent part of last week with friends at Geneva Lake, remaining over Sunday.

George Strang, Jr., has commenced work on his new residence. It is located on the hill between James Jamieson's and Dr. Taylor's.

Mr. Alex. Stewart was made happy last week, as he received a present of a new dishwasher. It was the usual weight.

Mr. Smith Bain, recently from New York, will take charge of Mr. Hastings' farm the coming year.

Mrs. John Strang is visiting her sister in Evanston.

Mrs. Pantall is also away, visiting friends in Chicago and Ravenswood.

Rev. Mr. Cramer, of Antioch, preaches next Sunday evening, I understand. The plans for morning are not fully completed as yet.

Quite a number of our people are expecting to attend the Sunday-school convention at Wauconda, Thursday and Friday.

Is it not most time for the "Literary" to be revived?

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