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Newspaper Clippings for
September, 1867

from Gazette14 September 1867
Our Millburn friends are making a strong and united effort to render their Fair one of marked success in all particulars. They seem to be wide awake to the importance of the good results which always flow from the friendly competition growing out of such meetings of the farmers, where an opportunity is afforded for an interchange of views upon subjects directly connected with the laudable pursuits in which they are engaged.

The Secretary has corresponded with Gen. Jng F. Fainsworth, our member in Congress, who has signified his intention to be present at the Fair on which occasion he will address the people. Gen. Farnsworth takes a lively interest in agricultural matters, having spent the early years of his life as a farmer. He can and does fully appreciate the importance of fostering the great and vital interests of husbandry, the corner stone and bulwark of American prosperity.

Hon. B. P. Ferry of this city, has also promised to attend the Fair, and will probably also make some remarks. Mr. Ferry has been absent from the county several years in Tennessee and will be greeted by his many friends, who will be glad to welcome his return home.

An address to the members of the society and those in attendance will be delivered by James B. Welch, Esq. who, until within a few years past has devoted his life to farming pursuits, in which he takes a deep interest. He will doubtless acquit himself in a creditable manner, having so practical an acquaintance with the subject upon which he will speak.

Arrangements have been made with the Newport Band to discourse sweet music during the day on the Fair grounds. This will lend additional interest to the occasion.

We are requested to state that on account of the necessary absence from the county of Mr. Ira R. Webb, who was elected as Marshall, the society have selected for that position Mr. Don Pike and Norman Brown is to take the place of Mr. Pike as committeeman on Equestrians.

The Fair is take place on Wednesday, October 2.

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