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Newspaper Clippings for
May, 1867

Waukegan Gazette4 May 1867
PERSONAL.-The Rev. H. Bross, who for the past three years has been pastor of the Congregational Church at Millburn, and under whose pastorate the congregation has increased from sixty to one hundred members, and a new church been built, has resigned his connection with that parish and goes hence to Ottumwa, Iowa, having received a call from the Congregational Church of that city. We are both pleased and pained to make this announcement-pleased, that our friend will enter upon a larger field of usefulness and one more commensurate with his abilities and worth, and pained, because the change necessitates his removal from the county where he is so widely and favorably known. He will carry with him to this new field of effort the best wishes, not alone of many friends of his own church, but also those of other denominations who have watched his honorable life and successful religious labor in this vicinity.
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