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Newspaper Clippings for
October, 1867

from Gazette12 October 1867
The officers of the Millburn Agricultural Society desire through your columns to express a sense of their obligations to the people of this county at their Fourth Annual Fair held at this place on Wednesday, Oct. 2, for their liberal patronage. The Society also desires to thank those ladies and gentlemen of Lake County who were instrumental in enabling the association to make this Fair an impartial exposition of the industry of Millburn and vicinity.

The Society further desires to thank the Gazette for its detailed and impartial report of its proceedings.

Beyond this the Agricultural Society wishes to tender its obligations to Messieurs. Dodge, Williams, Ware, Sanders and other owners of blooded stock who exhibited their blooded stock without entering them into the lists for premiums-thus evincing both their desire to aid the association and the total want of any interested personal motives on their part.

It will be the aim of the Millburn Agricultural Society in the future, as in the past to endeavor to be an impartial exponent of the best interests of its locality and neighboring townships.

Respectfully yours, Amos R. Hentley, President, James Pollock, Sec'y

from Gazette19 October 1867
On Thursday of this week the Congregational Church of Millburn had a good time in connection with the installation of Rev. Thomas Lightbody as pastor. The examination which occupied the afternoon in the presence of the congregation, was thorough and eminently satisfactory. Mr. L. was a student of the Rev. Dr. Wardlaw, of Glasglow, and now shows the marks of this great teacher upon him. He has been several years in the country, and is a good specimen of the yankeefied Scotchman-a man of rendition and eloquence. He will be quite an accession to the pulpit talent of the county. The Council of Churches was moderated by Rev. C.C. Cadwell, who conducted the examination from which the people thought they learned more than they could from reading many books. In the evening the introductory worship was conducted by Rev. P. H. Hollister, of Kenosha. Rev. J. H. Roy of Chicago, preached the sermon, the moderator offered the installation prayer; Rev. M. M. Colburn of this city, delivered the charge to the pastor-a rich, racy production, Rev. E. J. Roke gave the right hand of Fellowship, and Rev. I. B. Smith, of Dundee, the address to the people.

The occasion was one of delight to the people. Salary, $850, a liberal provision. At the late Millburn Fair the ladies cleared $200 from their dinner table and are to use this in building a fence around the church. A bell is also a necessity, for which $250 was already raised.

Great is Millburn. The Millburn Insurance Company, the Millburn Agricultural Fair, the Millburn Church and the Millburn People. J. R. R.

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