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Biographical Sketch for
Beck Family

This family is currenly being researched
These are our notes thus far.

Antone Beck, born February 2, 1842, sold farm in May, 1928, died on December 26, 1932.

Anne (unknown), his wife, born on May 18, 1853, died on July 25, 1944.

Their sons:

George, born on November 20, 1889, died on December 28, 1916.

William, a/k/a William, Jr., born on March 20, 1892, shot by robbers on May 16, 1928, died on May 17, 1928, at age 35 (36?)

News articles about robbery and murder.
Murderers sentenced to electric chair.

There is confusion about the names. News articles give the son's name as William Beck, Jr., but grave markers give the name of the father as Antone. Other news articles refer to the father only as "A.".

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