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Newspaper Clippings for
March, 1955

loose clipping, source unknown 2 March 1955
Millburn Pair Honored On 40th Anniversary
MILLBURN – Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bonner were honored at a surprise 40th wedding anniversary party at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Russell Doolittle, at Hickory, Sunday afternoon, Feb. 28. Mrs. Doolittle was assisted by Mrs. Howard Bonner.
Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bonner, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bonner and daughters of Kansasville, Wis., Mr. and Mrs. Lester Barker of Winnetka, Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Bonner of Walworth, Wis., Miss Vivien Bonner of LaGrange, Ill., Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Stahnke and daughters of Elgin.
Mr. and Mrs. William Bonner, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Bonner, Mrs. Lyman Bonner and daughters, the Rev. and Mrs. L. H. Messersmith, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bonner and children and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bonner and family.
The Howard Petty family of Urbana and the James Bonner family of Kansasville were unable to attend.

loose clipping, source unknown 5 March 1955

Millburn Insurance Co.
To Observe Centennial Of Founding, Mar. 12

Annual Meeting Next Tuesday Will be 100th for Mutual Company

The Millburn Mutual Insurance Co. will observe its 100th anniversary with a special meeting March 12 at the Millburn Congregational Church.
H. L. Kennicott, Glenview, Ill., will be the main speaker.
The meeting will open at 11 a.m. and at noon the women of the church will serve dinner to members.
The annual meeting of the fire insurance company will be held for the one hundredth time next Tuesday at the Masonic hall at which time officers will be elected.
Present officers are Carl Anderson, Wadsworth, president; J. S. Denman, Millburn, secretary; Robert Denman, Millburn, assistant secretary; Carl Hughes, treasurer; Emmet King, Wadsworth; Frank Cremin, Lake Villa; and John Wirtz, Mundelein, director.
The first meeting to form the company was held March 5, 1855 and a week later the company was formed with Robert Pollock, president; William Sharpe Buffam, secretary; Andrew White, treasurer; George Strang, George H. Webb, and Nathaniel Vose, directors.
Those were the oxen days and at the start the business of the company was limited to a four mile radius of Millburn. Three years later Antioch, Newport, Avon and Warren townships, with the exception of the villages of Antioch and Hainesville were added.
The company now has 2,100 policy holders on property insured for $16,000,000.
At the 50th jubilee celebration in 1905 the Antioch drum corps furnished the music.
Records of the company list many prominent families.
During the 100 years of Millburn Mutual Insurance company there have been but few secretaries. After W. S. Buffham, the first secretary, came W. H. Hockaday in 1858. By 1881, J. M. Dodge was secretary and he served until 1887 when Edward P. Dodge took over. In 1892 John A. Thain replaced Dodge and in 1916 the present secretary, Jesse Denman, replaced Thain.
Past Presidents
Presidents were Robert Pollock, 1855; Ira R. Webb, 1858; Sherman Trumbell, (grandfather of Emmet King) 1859; George Strang, 1872-1881; John Strang, 1882-1886; James L. Thain, 1887-1891; J. K. Pollock, 189201895; George B. Stephens, 1896-1902; William J. Wh_te, 1903-1905; George H. Kennedy 1908-1910; John Bonner, 1911-1916; (president from 1916 to 1922 not obtained); John Thain, 1922-1927; Leslie S. Bonner, 1927-1952; Carl Anderson, 1952-1955.
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