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Newspaper Clippings for
February, 1923

Antioch News22 February 1923
Mrs. Almond Webb, 20 years a resident of Waukegan, died Thursday at her home on Hickory road from bronchitis and a slight touch of pneumonia. She was 78 years old.
She had been a resident of the county all her life. She was born at Hickory corners, near Antioch, but went to Waukegan to live. She was formerly Miss Emma Van Patten. With the exception of two years spent at Highland Park with one of her daughters her later years were spent in Waukegan.
Besides her husband she is survived by five children and three sisters. The surviving daughters are Mrs. Thomas Frazier of Waukegan, Mrs. Florence Pullen of Antioch and Mrs. Herman Sweary of Highland Park. The sons are Thomas Webb of Grange Hall and James Webb of Waukegan. The surviving sisters are Mrs. Wm. J. Oliver of Waukegan, Mrs. Sarah Webb of Aurora, and Mrs. Helen Humphrey of Waukegan.
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