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Newspaper Clippings for
January, 1923

Antioch News11 January 1923
The sixty-eighth annual meeting of the Millburn Mutual Insurance Company was held in the Masonic hall, Millburn, January 6th, 1923. The company has had a very successful year, having 1949 policies in force, with an insurance of $5,824,874. This is one of the largest Farmer's Mutual Insurance companies in this state.
The following officers were elected for the coming year: President, John A. Thain; secretary, J. S. Denman; treasurer, C. J. Wright; northern director, David Pullen; central director, W. F. Clow; southern director, John G. Wirtz.
Antioch News25 January 1923
John A. (Pikey) Strang, 67 years old, one of the best known men in western Lake county, where he lived all his life, and was the "king of cattle buyers," died Saturday morning at the Elgin state hospital, where he was taken several months ago, following a general breakdown in health.
Mr. Strang had been very prosperous but when his health began to fail he was unable to look after his business and sustained heavy financial reverses, which preyed on his mind. He never crowded a creditor and this was one of the principal causes of the financial condition which last summer resulted in bankruptcy proceedings.
Mr. Strang is survived by the following brothers and sisters: Eugene D., of St. Petersburg, Fla., and George I. Strang of Marshfield, Wis., Mrs. Cora E. Anderson, Iola, Kas., and Mrs. Jane M. Stewart, of Waukegan.
He was born at Millburn and had been a lifelong resident of this county. Funeral services were held Monday morning from the home of his nephew, George W. Strang, Waukegan. Interment was in Millburn cemetery.
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