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Newspaper Clippings for
November, 1919

Antioch News6 November 1919
Schuyler Denman left on Sunday for Libertyville.

Miss Sarah Browe spent the weekend with Mrs. D. M. White.

Miss Belle Truax of Kenosha spent the week-end with home folks.

Lincoln Eldrum of Missouri, spent the past week with his aunt, Mrs. Jane Jamieson.

There will be a community social on Friday evening, November 14, at Joe Clark's.

Mrs. Ethel Bonner and son Roy and Mrs. John Bonner returned Saturday form Nebraska.

Rev. Safford left Monday with the good wishes of all for his future home in Wheaton, Ill.

The Millburn Ladies Aid society will give a chicken supper and bazaar at the church Nov. 7.

Mr. A. H. Stewart had his family home for several days the past week. Mrs. Edna Pember of Ohio, Mrs. Irene Taylor of Lilly Lake. Lybur and Ross Stewart of Chicago.

Many from Waukegan, Gurnee, Hickory and surrounding vicinity attened church here Sunday. Rev. Safford preached his farewell sermon, united one with the church and baptised four little children.

Antioch News13 November 1919
Death of Fred Spring Occurs at Millburn
At his home at Millburn on Friday of last week occurred the death of Mr. F. G. Spring, after an illness extending over a period of many months.
Frederick G. Spring was born in this township Jan. 26, 1857, and passed away at the age of sixty-two years, nine months and twelve days.
He was married to Alice L. Kerr of Avon on the ninth day of February 1881. He was a man of quiet and loving disposition, always willing to do the duties required of him in social and neighborly affairs.
He was a great sufferer and although patient and forebearing through it all his most earnest desire was to pass aw.
He leaves to mourn his death, a wife, one brother and other relatives besides a large number of friends and neighbors.
The funeral services were held at the home Sunday afternoon with Rev. S. E. Pollock of this place in charge. The remains were laid at rest in the Millburn cemetery.

Miss Sarah Browe of Wadsworth is visiting friends here.

Mrs. Mina Gilbert entertained her cousin Mrs. Low of Waukegan for a few days.

Miss Mary Kerr of Lake Villa, spent the past week with her sister, Mrs. Spring.

Wm. Watson of Lake Villa spent Sunday with his sisters, the Misses Watson.

Richard Martin spent a few days with his cousins, the Achen boys at Kenosha.

Rev. Ford of Glenellyn, Ill., preached here Sunday. There will be preaching Sunday, Nov. 23.

The following officers were elected Saturday, Nov. 8, for the Consolidated school. President, C. E. Bonner; Directors -- C. E. Denman, J. C. Chope, Geo. Jamieson, Gordon Bonner, L. S. Bonner and D. M. White.

Antioch News27 November 1919
Rev. Jernbury filled the pulpit last Sunday.

E. N. Cannon and wife are visiting relatives in Nebraska.

Mr. and Mrs. Wetzel have moved to the Jack farm for the winter.

Mrs. Anderson and daughter Maud left this week for Lake Forest.

There will be a school meeting at the Dodge school on Saturday, Nov. 29.

A. H. Stewart attended the wedding of his son Ross, in Chicago last week.

Mr. W. T. Elsing will speak at the church on Sunday Morning, Nov. 30. Everybody come.

W. B. Stewart and wife expect to leave soon for Florida where they will spend the winter.

E. A. Martin attended the entertainment of the Eastern Star chapter at Libertyville Wednesday night.

Rose, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Webb died last Saturday night. Funeral Monday with burial in Millburn cemetery.

Auction Sale
Having rented my farm I will offer for sale on the Robert Strang place at Millburn, on
Wednesday, Dec. 3
Commencing at 10 o'clock sharp, the following property towit:
18 Head Cattle -- 8 cows milking, 1 springer, 2-yr old heifer, 5 yearlings, 1 10-months and 1 2-months old calves 2 yr old pure bred Ayreshire bull.
Horses -- black mare 18 yrs, wt 1100; black gelding 7 years, wt 1300; black gelding 5 yrs old, wt 1250; black mare 4 years old, wt 1300; black mare 4 yrs 1250; brown sucking colt; 14 sheep.
2 sets double harness, single harness.
Feed -- 200 bu oats, 200 bu barley, 60 bu wheat, 25 tons mixed hay, 25 feet silage, quantity seed corn, quantity of linseed oil meal.
Machinery -- McCormick grain binder; Deering corn binder 1917, Bradley mower 1917. International hay loader, Dain side delivery rake, Tiger 1-horse rake, Deere 12 in gang plow, Deere 16-in sulky plow, Deere 14-in walking plow, Deere 12 in sod plow, International cultivator, Budlong 16 in disc, 2 hay racks, truck wagon, steel wheel truck wagon, lumber wagon, silo rack, bob sled, buggy, corn binder, 2 incubators, 3-sec steel harrow, manure spreader, share in silo filling outfit, double shovel plow, gravel planks, milk cans, 50 chickens, quantity of household furniture and several other articles to numerous to mention.
Usual terms.
Free lunch at noon.
Victor Strang, Prop.
L. J. Slocum, Auctioneer.
Geo. Bartlett, Clerk.
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