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Newspaper Clippings for
October, 1919

Antioch News2 October 1919
James Orenshaw is in the Lake County hospital with pneumonia.

Mrs. E. A. Martin transacted business in Chicago Wednesday.

Mrs. Dawson returned to her home in Three Oaks, Michigan, this week.

Mrs. Cable of Grayslake, Mrs. Runyard and Mrs. Fowles were Millburn visitors Friday.

Edwin Denman and family of Libertyville spent the week-end with his brother J. S. Denman.

Mr. Waterbury of Wisconsin formerly of Millburn vicinity called on old friends the past week.

Roy Murrie and oil truck fell through the bridge in Trotter's lane Friday and had hard work getting out.

Miss Pearl Cleveland having spent the past week with her parents returned to Itasca, Ill., where she teaches school.

Mr. and Mrs. D. M. White, Rev. and Mrs. Safford and Miss Clara Foote were visitors at the O. A. Nelson home in Area Thursday.

Mrs. Fred Achen of Kenosha, spent several days with her sister the past week. Sunday Mr. Achen and children came down and all returned home that evening.

School election Saturday, Oct. 11, at the Hockaday school to vote for or against consolidation of Hockaday and Dodge schools. Polls open from 6 to 9 p. m. Want everybody to vote.

The church and friends of Rev. and Mrs. Safford and Miss Foote will give a farewell party at the home of Victor Strang Friday evening, Oct. 3. Rev and Mrs. Safford expect to leave soon for Wheaton for their future home.

Antioch News9 October 1919
Extensive improvements are being made at the Mason's hall.

Joe Gonyo and Roy Newman were Chicago visitors the past week.

Rev. and Mrs. Safford are entertaining relatives from Connecticut.

A. H. Stewart has returned from Ohio, where he visited his daughter.

The Community social will be held on Friday evening at the Tom Kidd home.

Mrs. Luken and babe of Minnesota, is making an extended visit with her parents here.

Mrs. Annie Hughes and Mrs. Russell Douglas of Lake Villa spent the past week at the V. H. Strang home.

Don't forget to vote at the school meeting Saturday, October 11, at the Hockaday school for consolidation of Dodge and Hockaday schools. Women vote.

Mrs. Sarah Dodge of Chicago and Mrs. Geo. Dodge and son of Canada, visited a few days with Mr. and Mrs. D. M. White and Mrs. Hannah Lamb of Lamb's Corners.

Antioch News23 October 1919
L. B. Congdon has sold his farm.

Rev. Safford will preach his farewell sermon Sunday, Nov. 2.

Mrs. Anderson of Iola, Kansas, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Stewart.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Tukey of Denver, Colo., called on old friends the past week.

The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Webb is seriously ill of pneumonia.

Rev. and Mrs. Safford loaded their household goods on an auto truck Tuesday for their future home at Wheaton.

The little 4 months old child of Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton of Wadsworth was buried in Millburn Cemetery Sunday.

Mrs. Bonner and son Roy and Mrs. John Bonner left Saturday for a two weeks visit with relatives in Iowa and Nebraska.

Mrs. L. S. Bonner and Mrs. V. H. Strang are entertaining their sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Weller of Minnesota.

Antioch News30 October 1919
The Millburn Ladies Aid will hold a bazaar at the church Nov. 7.

Anthony Gonyo and family moved to Hickory corners the past week.

The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Webb is getting better.

Miss Pearl Duncan has returned home from Antioch, where she has been for several weeks.

A school meeting of the Dodge and Hockaday schools will be held Nov. 8, at the Hockaday school.

Mr. Egloff and family have bought the Spafford farm and have moved there from Elmhurst, Ill.

Rev. Safford is spending this week at D. M. White's. Next Sunday is his last Sunday in Millburn.

Misses Bertha White, Ruth Tjarden and Grace Jamison of Chicago spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Denman.

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