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Newspaper Clippings for
June, 1918

Antioch News13 June 1918
Miss Allen is visiting Miss Jessie Cannon.

Mrs. Wm. Taylor was buried at Millburn Saturday.

M. J. Cannon of Kenosha spent Sunday with home folks.

Miss Helen Safford is visiting her sister at Wheaton, Ill.

Lyburn Stewart and daughter spent over Sunday at A. H. Stewart's.

Mrs. E. A. Martin returned home on Friday from the hospital in Chicago.

Edwin Denman and wife of Libertyville spent the week-end with his parents here.

The Ladies Aid society will give an ice cream social at the church, Thursday, June 20.

Antioch News20 June 1918
Is Formed At Libertyville
Lake County Holstein Owners Adopt By-Laws and Push Dairy Interests
Holstein cattle breeders of the county, having formed a temporary organzation on June 8, met in the village hall at Libertyville on Saturday afternoon and formed a permanent organization, to be known as the Lake County Holstein-Friesian Cattle Breeders' association.
The meeting, which was well attended was presided over by George R. White, temporary president, and Lake County Farm Advisor W. E. Watkins, temporary secretary. The first business transacted was the election of officers for the coming year, which resulted as follows
President, George R. White of Antioch.
Vice president, J. L. Nicholson of Ingleside.
Secretary, W. E. Watkins of Libertyville.
Treasurer, Thomas Eger of Area.
Board of directors: Gordon Bonner, Lake Villa; Horace Vose, Gurnee; Lloyd Ritzenthaler of Prairie View.
Bylaws and a constitution were adopted and the annual meeting, which will be signalized by a chicken dinner and other social features, was set for the second Tuesday in June of each year. Two dollars was named as the annual dues, but any dairy farmer by payment of five dollars to the state association may become a member of both state and county associations.
The new organization hopes to push Lake County to the front as a dairy district. It starts off with a good membership, while the now well known Waukesha association started off with only eight members. The organization will be untiring in its efforts to induce Lake County farmers to discard scrubs and graded stock for pure bred Holsteins. It plans to have a splendid exhibit of Holsteins at the county fair. "Accomodation sales" will be held from time to time, and "visiting tours" are planned. On these tours members of the association will visit interesting dairy farms of this and other counties getting first hand information regarding Holstein cattle.

Newport township will hold a picnic at Rosecrans July 4th.

Dr. and Mrs. Jamison and daughter Doris were in Chicago Wednesday.

Miss Una Minto of Chicago is spending her vacation with her brother.

The Ladies Aid society will serve ice cream and cake on Thursday evening, June 20.

Mrs. E. N. Cannon went to the Waukegan hospital Tuesday for an operation.

Miss Maud Cleveland of Iowa, returned home Wednesday for a short visit with her parents.

Miss Pearl Cleveland spent the past week with her sister, Mrs. Levi Wait of Round Lake vicinity.

Red Cross society will hold their annual meeting at the church Wednesday to elect officers and transact business.

A. H. Stewart has his daughters visiting him for a few weeks. Mrs. Irene Taylor and sons of Lily Lake, Ill., and Mrs. Edna Pember of Amberst, Ohio.

Tuesday of this week was the 50th anniversary of the Congregational convention held in Lake county. The first one was held at Millburn. Several from here attended.

The A. F. Class of the Sunday School gave an entertainment and sold ice cream and cake Wednesday, June 12, for the Red Cross. Several cakes were auctioned for $42.75 and the class turned $88 to the local Red Cross. James Woodman, Ed Yoeman and Mr. Richardson of Waukegan were the speakers.

Antioch News27 June 1918
Warren Cleveland of Chicago spent Sunday with his parents.

Rev. Geo. Safford of Bloomington, Wis., is visiting the home folks.

A number from here attended the June meeting at Ivanhoe last Tuesday.

Miss Inez Pollock of Chicago spent over Sunday with her aunts, the Misses Watson.

Menzo Webb and wife entertained Mr. and Mrs. Gerred of Libertyville over Sunday.

Victor Strang and family motored to Three Oaks, Michigan, for several days visit. Mrs. Dawson accompanied them home.

Miss Vivian Bonner returned to A. H. Stewart's this week having had a ten day vacation with the home folks.

Miss Helen Safford left Saturday for Madison, Wisconsin, to attend the State University for the summer.

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