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Newspaper Clippings for
July, 1918

Antioch News4 July 1918
Kenneth Denman is visiting his uncle Geo. White.

The Red Cross will meet with Mrs. D. M. White on Wednesday.

The Ladies Aid will meet this month with Miss Vivian Bonner.

J. B. Denman and family of Wilmette spent Sunday with C. E. Denman and family.

A song service will be held at the church Sunday evening, July 7. Everybody come.

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hook having spent several days with relatives at Odell, Ill., returned home the past week.

Antioch News11 July 1918
Field Meeting at D. M. White Farm,
Saturday, July 13
There will be a field meeting at the farm of D. M. White east of town next Saturday afternoon, July 18, at 2 p.m. for the purpose of seeing the crop grown on the experimental plots and noting the result secured by the State University.
The experimental field at the White farm has been operated by the University for 16 years. A four year rotation system is followed, corn, oats, clover and wheat. The field is in winter wheat at the present time and some of the plots will yield at least 25 bushels per acre. All the plots where phosphorous has been used, will give a fair yield while the other fertilizers will probably not pay for their application. Applications of limestone have not proven profitable upon this soil type even when clover is grown. No manure is used as the fertility is kept up by the use of fertilizers and crop residues taken from the land itself.
The wide variation in results secured this year on this field should be of interest to every farmer in Lake county who is trying to maintain his soil fertility. The wheat will vary from a total failure to a very profitable crop-all due to the methods of soil management.
Mr. H. C. Gilkerson and some other members of the Soils Department of the University of Illinois will be present to explain the methods of treatments and returns secured from each.
The methods practiced on this field are applicable upon almost every farm in Lake county.

John Roberts of Chicago spent Thursday and Friday with Mrs. Jamieson.

Many from here attended the Newport picnic at Rosecrans the Fourth.

Dr. and Mrs. Tombaugh of Waukegan spent Sunday at W. B. Stewart's.

Edwin Denman and wife of Libertyville spent the Fourth with home folks.

The Red Cross society will meet every week for a time as they have plenty of work.

Mrs. Edward Filsen and children spent the past week with her sister in Chicago.

J. S. Denman and family and George White and wife spent Sunday at E. Denman's at Libertyville.

Mr. James Simmons of Great Lakes spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Jack and gave a talk Sunday evening at the church on Y. M. C. A. work.

Antioch News18 July 1918
S. S. Convention at Hickory
The convention of the Antioch Township Sunday School convention which comprises Antioch, Millburn, Lake Villa and Hickory, was held at the Hickory church last Sunday afternoon. The same officers were elected, without exception, to serve for another year. They are: Frank Edwards, President; George White, Vice President; Miss Edith Pickles, Secretary; Mrs. Hazel Sibley, Superintendent Secondary Division; Mrs. Wm. F. Ziegler, Teacher's Training; Miss Vivien Bonner, Home Department; Mrs. E. L. Wald, Superintendent Missionary Work.
Each of the Sunday Schools of the district were well represented at the meeting. The convention will be held at Lake Villa in 1919.

N. S. Denman spent last Sunday at Libertyville.

C. E. Denman and family were Libertyville visitors Friday.

Earl White of Urbana, Ill., spent the week-end with his parents.

V. H. Strang, wife and son and Mrs. Dawson were Kenosha visitors the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Yager and son of Waukegan spent Sunday with H. D. Minto.

Many from this vicinity attended the Red Cross auction at Lake Villa Saturday.

The Ladies Aid society will have an ice cream social at the church Thursday evening, July 25.

Miss Pearl Cleveland and brother Warren of Chicago were week- end guests of the home folks.

Friday evening, July 19, there will be a Red Cross social at the church. Clarence Diver and others will speak. Also some Great Lakes music. Come.

Antioch News25 July 1918
Miss Browe of Wadsworth is visiting friends here and Lake Villa.

Mrs. Olin entertained the Red Cross auxiliary Wednesday afternoon.

Mrs. Etta Wineckie of Sycamore, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. LeVoy.

Rev. Safford attended the funeral of his neice in Chicago the past week.

V. H. Strang, wife and son and Mrs. Dawson were in Kenosha Wednesday.

Mrs. C. E. Denman and Ralph McGuire spent Thursday and Friday with friends in Chicago.

Mr. and Mrs. S. J. LeVoy, John and James spent Sunday at a family reunion at Marengo, Ill.

J. S. Denman and family and Miss Clara Foote spent Thursday with Mrs. Jannette Mathews of Kenosha.

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Denman Sunday entertained relatives and friends from Waukegan, Chicago, Highland Park and Wilmette.

The Wheaton family of Wheaton, Ill., having spent the past two weeks at the Manse returned home Monday accompanied by Miss Foote.

Mrs. Geo. Jamison and Miss Alice Jamison of Berwyn, Ill, spent several days with Mr. and Mrs. D. M. White. They left Monday to spend the rest of the week with Mr. and Mrs. J. Buss at Rochester, Wis.

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