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Newspaper Clippings for
February, 1913

Antioch News6 February 1913
John Bonner returned from Springfield, Ill., the past week.

Pete McDonald of Evanston spent over Sunday with Dave Young.

Messrs. Jack, Edmonds and Larson transacted business the past week in Chicago.

The Misses Nellie and Emma McDougall are visiting two weeks with their sister in Waukegan and brother of Highland Park.

D. J. Minto is still sick, was threatened with pneumonia. Miss Bertha White, Archie Well's baby have been sick for sometime. Mrs. Bater remains about the same.

Antioch News13 February 1913
Frank McCarthy has rented the Albert Jack Farm.

D. M. White and wife spent the past week in Chicago.

Daniel Slavin will soon move on the Geo. Lewin farm.

The Millburn Ladies Aid will hold no meeting until March.

There will be an entertainment at the church Saturday, Feb. 15.

Mrs. Safford and Miss Helen are spending several days with relatives at Wheaton, Ill.

Several of the teacher's in this vicinity attended the Teacher's Institute at Lake Bluff Saturday.

Antioch News20 February 1913
Miss Hannah Welch, aged 80 years, a resident of Lake county, for many years, passed away in the Jane McAlister hospital Tuesday morning as the indirect result of a fall down a flight of steps a few months ago which resulted in a broken leg.
Miss Welch was taken to the hospital immediately but because of her age and the shock she sustained at the time of the injury the broken bone did not knit for some time. The knitting together of the bone was followed immediately by a complication of diseases which caused her death.
Miss Welch leaves one brother, John of Libertyville, and a sister, Mrs. A. F. Clough of Vermont. The former was at her bedside at the time of her death and the latter has been notified and is speeding toward Waukegan.
For years Miss Welch lived with a brother at Millburn and later moved to Antioch where she resided up to the time of her brother's death, and later she moved to Waukegan to live with her cousin, James Welch and family.
It is planned to have the funeral on Thursday afternoon in the White & Tobin undertaking rooms. The burial will take place Friday afternoon at one o'clock at Antioch. She was one of the oldest residents of the county and leaves a host of sorrowing friends and relatives.

On account of giving possession, I will stop farming and sell at Public Auction at my residence, 6 miles east of Antioch, 1/2 mile south from Hickory Corners and 1/2 mile north of Millburn on the William Thom farm, on
Saturday, March 1.
Commencing at 1 o'clock sharp the following property to-wit:
18 head of live stock--Gray mare, with foal, 5 years; gray Gelding, 5 years old, both weight 1500; bay Gelding, 6 years old, black mare, 7 years old, these are good drivers; bay mare, 8 years old; bay Gelding, 9 years old, Roan Gelding 7 years old; colt 8 months old; 10 milk cows, 3 with calf by side, balance are good milkers, 60 chickens, 3 shoats.
Miscellaneous--2 wagons, buggy, Deering binder, McCormick mower, riding plow, Hoosier seeder, 2 riding cultivators, corn planter, pulverizer, 4 horse harrow, walking plow, 3 sets farm harness, single harness, double buggy harness, pair fly nets, grinder, tank heater, hay rack, 1000 bushels of corn in crib, 6 tons timothy hay, grindstone, hay rake, bedstead and springs, table, 6 chairs, 5 rocking chairs, washing machine, wringer, barrel churn, cream seperator, cook stove, heating stove and many other articles to numerous to mention.
Usual Terms:
J. W. Meyer, Prop.
George Vogel, Auctioneer.
J. E. Brook, Clerk.

The undersigned will sell at Public Auction on his farm, 1 mile west of and 1/2 mile north of Millburn, on

Wednesday, February 25
Commencing at 1 o'clock sharp the following property to wit:
Mare, weight 1300, 12 years old, in foal; Mare, weight 1250, 12 years old in foal; mare, weight 1500, 10 years old in foal; driving mare, weight 1000, 8 years old; 2-year-old colt. Narrow tire wagon, heavy truck wagon, new; 2 milk wagons, McCormick mower, rake, pulverizer, seeder, cultivator, 2 walking plows, John Deere riding plow, sled, hay rack, low corn rack, set of double harness, set single harness, iron drag, roller, hog rack, fanning mill, garden cultivator, small tools and many other articles too numerous to mention.
Usual terms.
Albert E. Jack, Prop.
Henry Sine, Auctioneer.

George White spent over Sunday at Rochester, Wis.

A. K. Bain transacted business in Chicago Friday.

Miss Josephine Mathews returned home the last of the week.

Miss Helen Safford returned home on Friday from Wheaton, Ill.

W. M. Bonner and family spent Sunday with relatives at Russell.

Miss Annie McCredie of Waukegan spent the week end at home.

A very pleasant surprise party was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Denman on Wednesday evening. There were about 40 present.

Mrs. Susan Radtz and Nick Lukin were married at the home of the bride's parents on Wednesday, February 12, at 2:30 o'clock. Rev. Safford officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Lukin left on the 4:30 train for Peotone. They will be at home after March 1, at their home north of Millburn.

Antioch News27 February 1913
Mrs. Martin was a Kenosha visitor the past week.

There was no church Sunday evening on account of the bad roads.

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Luiken arrived from Peotone, Ill., last Saturday.

Mrs. Strang left Saturday to visit Thomas Anderson and wife of Gas, Kansas.

Rev. Safford left Monday for Chicago and Wheaton, Ill. Mrs. Safford will return home with him.

The Ladies Aid society will hold their regular monthly meeting in the church parlor, March 6. Dinner served by Mrs. Bain.

The Volunteer class of the Sunday School gave a miscellaneous shower to Mrs. William Marselis at the home of Mrs. Bain Saturday afternoon.

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